Thursday, September 03, 2015

Weekly Link Round-Up!

On my way to Dragon*Con this weekend, so posting will be a tad light for a few days. But I didn't want to leave without throwing down a Weekly Link Round-Up! Here are the video game news trends on the web:

- Feminist Frequency has finally released another video: Women as Rewards. The content for this episode should be fairly straight forward, as many of the video games we play offer women as the end goal - Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, etc. The damsel in distress needs saving and becomes your prize. Not the healthiest of attitudes to have since not all women want to be princesses that need saving. (Spirit Halloween, I'm looking at you.) I don't think this is the strongest piece in Sarkeesian's collection, but it's the least polarizing of opinions since it's cut and dry.

- New Statesmen looks at why video games only show one type of post-apocalyptic world instead of Utopian societies of the future, ala Star Trek. Thinking about games outside of Star Trek, the only ones that come to mind are Mass Effect and...Mass Effect. True you're trying to save the universe, but for the most part the galaxy is pretty darn advanced and not busted up, if you ignore Tchunka, the Krogan homeworld. Interesting read.

- A book review on 'Game Art' is opening up a few eyes to the visual and technological beauty of video games. I've been following the development of this book for a while, as the writer compiles decades worth of his own gaming content along with interviews from independent and Japanese developers on how they design games. I may have to pick this up as part of my airplane reading.

- Nerd Reactor posted an open letter to Jimmy Kimmel after the oopsie YouTube video and response he created that pissed off gamers. In short, it shows respect to Kimmel and gamers. And calls Kimmel out on his lack of knowledge about video games. You know what? That's okay. Not everyone has to get it, and that's fine.

- The Mary Sue dives into video games and how they help with PTSD. American military doctors are recommending the game to those returning home from overseas after Afghanistan and Iraq to help ease the symptoms of PTSD. This is a must read for anyone interested in the health benefits of gaming.

- A really expensive test prep center in New York for children is getting into legal trouble for not teaching, and letting kids play games all day. According to reports, kids aren't really learning a darn thing. They're being given free "learning" games and programs that anyone can have access to, and allowed to play Minecraft since it's a good building/spacial reasoning game. When you drop $7 grand for a summer and not see improved results in your kid's test scores, I'd be pissed off too. But please, parents, don't blame the games. This was shoddy work by the prep center. At least your kid now knows how to build with squares.

- Gamasutra has found a great piece from GDC Europe on how to help combat motion sickness with VR's. This is a legitimate problem for those wanting to experience VR but can't handle the motions, and with VR becoming a tag-line for future gaming platforms, people will have to find solutions if they want to keep playing.

- And a friendly reminder: The Angry Birds movies is releasing in May of next year. Take that as you will.

Have a safe weekend!


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