Thursday, September 17, 2015

Weekly Link Round-Up

There are so many stories online today, along with the flood of content coming out of Tokyo Game Show (TGS), that there's no feasible way for me to pick one topic and write about it. So here is your weekly link round-up:

- TGS opened this week to a record number of exhibitors, including newcomers YouTube and Amazon. Over 2,000 booths have been registered, and 480 exhibitors. Wow. Sony has already started out strong with a bunch of new games for the PS4. It's going to be a very busy week at TGS and for attendees.

- If you need a gaming fix sooner rather then later, PAX South (taking place in January 2016) tickets are live and there are some 3 day passes still available. This will be the second year of the event, and it's sure to draw in larger numbers. A 3-day passe is $75, with single days at $35. Last year was great for the indie games, and that's one of the reasons I'm looking forward to going back.

- Finding love with video games. It's a story as old as the 1980's, but ever more present with the internet age. One man's story about how he found his girlfriend, and their bonding through video games,'s sweet. And this isn't one of those "how can you get women to play games" articles. She was already a gamer. Right on sister.

- Mike Fahey at Kotaku has a quirky series called BRB, Kids Are Screaming, about parenting and gaming. His latest installment covers five games that put his kids to sleep. Amusing, to say the least. Not surprised that one of them is Madden '16.

- WhatCultue has another list, of the 11 Best 3D Platformers of the 2000's. Expect a lot of Nintendo and E-rated games. The list is meh, and I think WhatCulture is just putting out content for click bait. Feel free to not click! All you need to know is Super Mario Galaxy is number 1. That's it. :)

- cmee4 Productions, a team of researchers and game designers, have come together to create Sound Scouts. A video game that will help detect hearing problems in young children. And that's pretty nifty. As many people are now becoming aware, the upcoming generation of children, as well as the 18-35 crowd, are going to experience the highest rate of hearing loss. We've become inundated by louder sounds, and new headphones that amplify bass as well as dive deeper into our ears, more people of our age range are experiencing hearing issues that would not typically be seen until our late 50's. And much of this can be curbed as a child. That's what Sound Scouts hopes to achieve, but using medical science and the technology of games to help kids.

- You probably haven't heard about Tencent Holdings or Douya TV. Tencent is currently in talks to investing in Douya TV, which is the Twitch of China. It would provide more access to gaming streams for the country in the same way that Amazon and Twitch have partnered up. That's really big news in China. While it's unlikely that we'll see Douya TV take over in the West, it's a big leap forward for China's emerging gaming scene.

- And users are going over the moon with Mario Maker by creating levels that emulate other games. Like this emotional roller-coaster. Why would you make me choose between Yoshi and death? Why?!? I can't wait to see what other crazy things people come up with over the next few months.


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