Monday, October 19, 2015

Is It Sarcasm or Is It Just a Misinformed Geek?

Tech Radar posted an article about how video games are becoming mainstream. "Isn't it just the worst thing ever?" the title reads.

Initially I thought this was a satire piece. It reads like a very long-winded sarcastic remark. "[T]he INDIGNITY" the ZOMG's, How dare they make gaming a mainstream commodity! We should do something about this! Rabble, rabble, rabble!

As I checked the writer's history, I'm thinking this may not be satire. I don't know. This is one aspect about the internet that I really don't like: you can't judge a person's tone of voice. Sarcasm is an art form of it's own. I love it. Part of my humor involves sarcasm. And it's about the timing and inflection. "Nice weather we're having," when it's raining outside and using your normal tone doesn't make an impact like "Nice weather we're having," where you really emphasize 'Nice' and 'having' in a droll voice. Which is why I've grown accustomed to putting either a smiley face at the end of posts that use extreme sarcasm or a note so people know I'm joking.

Darn internet taking away all of our fun!

So I'm going to approach the Tech Radar article both ways: as a real opinion piece, and as satire.

Real Opinion Piece: You have to be kidding, right? Going mainstream does not spell the end of the world. It's a natural progression of the art form - in order to gain acceptance you have to push boundaries, and that includes appealing to a broader audience. The argument of people playing on our lawns is getting old. And tiring. So what if there are new people coming into our fandom? That's great! It doesn't matter where people come from. They like the same thing that you do. Super cool!

Our culture is changing and the outcasts of the world are now gaining some level of acceptance. I would have loved to have had this in middle school and high school. To have other girls interested in Star Wars and video games? That would have been heaven.

And really, if you don't let in new blood, our fandoms are going to die out. Simple as that. Just like the sci-fi and comic book fans of yesteryear, it didn't stop mainstream from pushing that content to the forefront of popularity. So nerds and geeks, get over it. Our fandom isn't dying. And bringing in new people isn't the end. We'll have longevity as the video game realm grows. Supply and demand, man. Look it up.

Satire Piece: This is funny if it's satire. It's almost like a "looking into the mind of a 30 year old while male geek." They took our fandom, oh no! We must hate everyone who isn't like us!

I really hope this is a sarcastic article. I do very, very much. Else, geeks we have a ways to go to counteract this backwards arse thinking.


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