Friday, October 02, 2015

Success! Dues Ex Crazy Pre-Order Program Cancelled

This hit my Facebook feed and I needed to jump on here and post about it. Immediately.

SquareEnix is canceling the Dues Ex pre-order program!

Yes! See consumers! Your voice, and wallet, make a difference!

Enough people wrote, tweeted, and Facebooked SE to complain about the pick-your-pre-order bonus program that they announced for reservations of Dues Ex in early September. And I'm going to bet that the numbers in pre-order "sales" reflected this. Because a month later, SE is changing tactics.

So that I'm not totally throwing SE under the bus, the intent behind it, as their statement claims, was to provide options to their customers. Instead of pre-making a pre-order and having it region specific, they wanted to give gamers a chance to get the bonuses that they want. Good in theory. But when you tie that into a "you only unlock certain rewards when more people pre-order" is an ass move. I can't think of a nicer way to put it.

Customers saw through this and complained en masse. And now the pre-order program is dead. So what do you get instead? Everyone is going to get every bonus being offered. No region locks. The game is set to release on 2/23/2016, and won't alter based on pre-order numbers.

Now! I wonder how many have pre-ordered Just Cause 3 for the Island giveaway. Hm...


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