Monday, October 12, 2015

Twitter Excluding Video Games?

Forbes managed to catch onto an issue with Twitter's newest feature that might be confusing to a number of us. "Moments," which released last week, is a way to highlight important events trending on Twitter without you having to comb through the endless sea that are Tweets. Twitter compiles text, audio, video, and images to create "Moments" for categories of interest, such as Entertainment.

What they seemed to have forgotten to include is video games.

As writer Paul Tessi began to review "Moments" to discuss in an article, he realized very quickly that games were lacking a presence. And it wasn't like this past week was dead on gaming news. Rock Band 4 was released, and their Austin launch party was trending pretty much all Tuesday evening. League of Legends had one of it's biggest matches of the year and was streaming live. The Star Wars: Battlefront beta was out on Thursday and kept hitting Twitter throughout the weekend. It was busy last week, and gaming was not affluent enough to be on Twitter's "Moments?"

To be fair, Twitter has been taken over by television lately with actors and crew members live tweeting during the show to keep fans engaged. But most of the content released last week were set photos. It wasn't necessarily connecting to fans directly - not at the level of Rock Band 4. There weren't even news articles or links to watch the show. Just a few pictures. A tweet or two and that's it.

Another issue that Tessi pointed out is that "Moments" is lacking in updates. Since released 10/7 only 20 stories have been added to the Entertainment category, and most are past their daily expiration date. If this feature is truly meant to be a "Twitter Summary" it's not doing a good job at summing up the events of the day/week.

By limiting the audience and only focusing on specific Tweets, this is looking more like paid advertising on the part of TV studios, less about Twitter showcasing "Moments." It's not giving an accurate view of Twitter activity, we can say that much. Maybe in the upcoming weeks it'll grow as Twitter adjusts their algorithms. Let's hope so. We gamers are much more active then a cast member on The Vampire Diaries.


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