Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Weekly Link Round-Up

Starting the round-up a little earlier then usual. There are so many news articles on the web today that they all need to be shared. Or not. Your call. Here are some of the highlights:

- Kickstarter woes continue as another funded video game has fallen off the map, with the developers taking the cash and running. Well, not literally running. We are gamers after all. But from a digital standpoint, their footprint has all but vanished. Mansion Lord was another 16-bit game that rose in the height of crowdfunding for games. And with a modest $30k request, it seemed more feasible in funding then some of the others that wanted $200k+. Now it's nearly 2 years later and there hasn't been a single updated from the developers. The company's website is gone. And of course people are wondering where their product is. If you remember anything, people, remember this: Kickstarter does not give refunds. If a project meets their goal, the person or group keep every penny - minus the Kickstarter fees. So when you choose to back a project, choose wisely and don't be afraid to research. Now there are 1k+ gamers without a game or any backer rewards to show for their funds.

Fortress of Doors is calling out Square for doing a shoddy port of Final Fantasy V for Steam. The first image posted on the article from the port is very telling: you can see the seams! The heck? The same screen from the original FF5 not only looks finished, but polished, even in it's bit-like nature. That's a pretty big mess-up with "updating" graphics, when you compare them to the clean look of FF1 and FF2. Square. What gives?

- The Cheat Sheet is already calling the AssCreed movie as the breakthrough video game movies need. Their reasoning? Good casting. Good director (who has never worked on a Summer film, but has worked with the lead actor in Macbeth before...). The "right" video game (I guess? I mean the story is original but could fit in with the AssCreed history). And they can't mess it up. The last point makes no sense to me, but this isn't Hollywood reporter that I pulled the story from. Take the opinion as openly as you can!

- Not too long ago the UN held a conference regarding cyberviolence and asked noted internet personalities Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn to attend, and review a report that was created by the UN. Yesterday, the ESA Video Game Voters Network has issued a statement condemning the report for it's inaccuracies and outdated material. The biggest glaring issue is that some of the sources are dated from 2000. That's 15 years ago. Content and research regarding gaming, online harassment, etc. has expanded so much since then, that the concern is that most of the content in the report focuses on stereotypes that represent a false image of gamers. Does harassment happen online? Absolutely. I see it daily with myself or with others. But the numbers are fudgy and out of date. Since the ESA's stance came out, the UN has tossed the report and they will remake it. However the notion that the UN was going to take video games and cyberharassment seriously has now been damaged by putting out a crappy report to being with.

- Speaking of women, games apparently make you fat according to one study in Sweden. That's just the teaser headline. Here's what the study really says: Researchers followed 2,500 people ages 20-24 over the course of 5 years. They concluded that women who played games for one hour a day were more likely to gain weight, an average of 8.2 pounds, over 5 years. The research states that they into account other factors such as age, occupation, total computer time throughout the day, and sleep. But apparently other eating habits, genetics, and social mannerisms were not important. Also, it's important to note that 20-24 is still a time when people are growing and changing. It's not like we hit puberty and we're done. People constantly evolve their entire lives, and gaining weight happens. 8 pounds over 5 years is not a big deal unless. The exception to this would be if you have a pre-disposed medical condition that requires you to be conscious about your weight, or if you're borderline obese. Some type of medical reason, is what I'm getting at. So news articles, could you just stop calling us all fat? Please? Gaining 8 pounds over 5 years is not a crisis moment. Yeash.

- A funny ad campaign popped up in Japan's subway system over the weekend called 'Take Back Video Games from Smartphones.' And it's exactly that! It's to promote a visual novel game for the PS3/PS4 and Vita called Utawarerumono. Ignore the fact that the game started out on PC and Japan has a really high market for cell phone games. Clever slogan and interested to see the results.

- Not to be outdone by KFC, Chipotle has a video game too! The game is called Taste Invaders, a play off of Space Invaders. You are a burrito and your job is to shoot at ingredients and foods that have genetically modified ingredients. It's a nice way of saying Chipotle only uses natural products, but still causes you to crap your pants.

- Finally, here's a parody article by Destructoid regarding the new Consumer Rights Act in the U.K. Posting because I find it a bit sad. What happened to the gaming news website for users, by users? It's turning into trash. I can't believe I use to write for that site. What happened to you Destructoid?


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