Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Activision Buying Candy Crush Developer

You know it's big news when NBC (at large) reports on it. Activision Blizzard is buying mobile game developer King Digital Entertainment for $5.9 Billion. That's B for billion, and that is a LOT of money. Barely a year ago Minecraft developer Mojang was purchased for $2.5 Billion. This sale of King Digital is over twice that amount.

So who is King Digital, you may ask. Well if you ever played Candy Crush then you have seen their logo during the game boot-up sequence. The company was founded in 2003 and currently headquarters in Ireland. They are the largest developer of games for Facebook, and currently take up one of the longest running slots of "hit" games for mobile. Candy Crush still supports tens of millions of users, globally. King Digital is also one of the few non-Eastern developers involved in KakaoTalk, a popular chat and gaming app in South Korea.

With this purchase, Activision's mobile portfolio will have jumped by leaps and bounds. And when you think about it, as more developers move towards digital products and mobile gaming, having a company with strong ties to Facebook and mobile apps is a good way to go. As it stands no changes will be made to the executive line-up. The plan is to consider King Digital much like Blizzard. They will run and act as a separate entity, but they have to get approval from their new boss. Any pre-existing titles announced for development will not be stopped. There aren't any big, noteworthy changes to comment on at this time. The deal will be finalized in the Spring and it's pretty much Activision adding more content to their portfolio. That's all. Still, big sale. That's a lot of money.


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