Wednesday, November 11, 2015

As If Abrams Isn't Busy Enough, He's Making a Video Game Too!

Cinema darling J.J. Abrams is teaming up with game developer ChAIR to create a new IP. You know what that means? Lens flares. Lots of lens flares.

ChAIR is probably best know for Infinity Blade and Shadow Complex. Titles are are geared towards the "adventure" genre but with fun twists, such as platforming. The game is called Spyjinx. While information about the title is very limited, we do know that J.J. is going to be very much involved in the game along with his production company. And you can sign up for a future beta right now. Not that we know what the game is about other then spys, but look! Beta! Open to whoever wants to sign up right now!

The game will be powered by the Unreal 4 Engine. It's a mixture of action, dynamic world-building, and RPG elements all set in the world of espionage. I's in the title. Spy. Jinx. Get it?

Needless to say, J.J. has been super busy in the nerdy world lately. With the latest Star Wars movie coming out in December, and still in final edits, this is another pet project coming to fruition. Abrams hopes that the collaboration with ChAIR will allow their brand of story-telling to mesh well with the game developers style of design.

Estimated release date is set for 2016 on PC. Hopefully more information will be made public before then. I know Abrams likes to keep things quiet until a few months before release, but he'll have to make some concessions with this game if he expects it to sell. Gamers are impatient when it comes to waiting on news.


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