Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Game For Your Rent

As the streaming craze continues to grow, others are looking to new business opportunities outside of the conventional ad revenue. Such as Stream House in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Simon Kubiak wants to create a home for gamers, a place where they can live rent free...sort-of. You have to play video games a few hours a day to cover the costs.

But gaming for your rent doesn't sound too bad. Kubiak wants to turn this into a profit by having 3 gamers streaming daily (if not 24/7 if you break up the schedule to have a morning, afternoon, and evening person). They pay for their stay by gaming, and Kubiak keeps the revenue from ad sales and donations.

Since this is just the beginning, Kubiak has made it clear that the gamers are not going to be paid. If this turns into a hit, then they will start receiving a salary. So don't jump in unless you have a job to cover your personal expenses and bills. And as any streamer can tell you, it's not about what you play or even how you play it. Personality makes up the bulk of entertainment. If you're not engaging, people won't watch.

Attempting to look into the details, such as if furniture would be provided, gaming gear, internet service, etc., the website is very bare bones. There's of the 3 bedroom, 2 car garage home, and requests to watch the streams. But that's about it. No notes about if you can keep a normal 8-5 job, go to school, vacations, what utilities are covered, etc. Buyer beware. The red flags are going off.

Tell us what you think. Good business idea or just another joe-shmoe trying to make a quick buck?


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