Thursday, November 12, 2015

Texas: Officially Home to the National Videogame Museum

The National Videogame Museum (which seems to put video and game into one word instead of two) is nearing completion at it's new, permanent residence. Maybe. I mentioned it last year that the VGM was looking for another temporary home. It began in 2009 as a roaming exhibit and a boost from Kickstarter helped it maintain it's state to state tour throughout the U.S.

Frisco Texas (which is soon to be home to the Dallas Cowboys training facility - a big ass deal here, and new offices of Gearbox Software), has been attracting lots of businesses and families as of late, and a different kind of museum would be right up it's alley. With donations from locals such as Randy Pitchford (Gearbox main man) and the city itself, the museum will still share the Frisco Discovery Center, along with the Sci-Tech Discovery Center, Black Box Theatre, and Art Gallery. But the staff  are doing their best to ensure a full-fledged experience even with space limitations.

Included in the VGM will be a retro 80's arcade, the world's largest Pong simulator, console timeline, rare artifacts like the Sega Neptune, and a replica of Randy Pitchford's office. See donations above.

Our mission is fairly straightforward and simple: To preserve the history of the videogame industry by archiving not only the physical artifacts, but also the information and stories behind its creation.

The VGM wants their doors to open by the end of December of this year. Ticket prices are already up: $12 for Adults and $10 for Children. If it does open up in December I'll make the trek out there and experience it first-hand.


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