Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Weekly Link Round-Up The Star Wars Edition

Star Wars: Battlefront is out today, and while I won't be supporting or purchasing the game anytime soon (maybe when it's in the bargain bin at WalMart and comes with all DLC's bundled together), this seems like the perfect time to fill this blog with more Star Wars stuff.

Because it's Star Wars and I can. Consider this the Weekly Link Round-Up: The Star Wars Edition.

- Forbes is still adamant that buying Battlefront is a waste of your money. And the writer, Jason Evangelho, seems like the ideal candidate for Battlefront's assault. He's been buying up the Disney Infinity toys left and right that have all of the Star Wars characters. He's been reading the new books, watching the movies, doing everything Star Wars. He was pumped for the 10 hours of unrestricted access EA had for Battlefront this past weekend. And then he saw the truth: "[t]hat sobering truth is that there simply isn’t enough content or variety here to justify a $60 purchase." Somehow I'm not surprised...

- But if you're still insistent on getting the game and did not pre-order, you can find some good deals on it! Dell is offering a $25 gift card with purchase, for example.

- And just to confirm, EA is holding 4 game modes specifically for the DLC's. Gee. Thanks guys. (Insert sarcastic face here.)

- Looking for something more retro? Check out this 1983 Atari game, Star Wars: Jedi Arena. And other classics that feature Darth Vader in all of his glory. Because a Star Wars game is only as cool as it's villain. Does anyone remember Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi? I thought it was a good game at one point, and then I would stop playing after 15 minutes and go back to Street Fighter.

- Not to be forgotten, DigitalSpy has a list of 5 really bad Star Wars games, and one honorable mention. Yes Kinect Star Wars is a bad game in it's core feature with the lightsabers. The dancing portion was just tacky...but was about as good as any Dance Central title.

- If live-action gaming is more of your speed, Disneyland has unveiled their "Star Wars Season of the Force" attraction. A launch bay was built to include memorabilia from the upcoming Episode VII and past movies, as well as video interviews of cast and crew. There is also a recreation of the Mos Eisley Cantina with possible working holo chess board, question mark as this awaits confirmation. It sounds like a big kid's museum.

- Did you know that former Obama Administration official Cass Sunstein is writing a Star Wars book? It'll be released on May the 4th in 2016 and will focus on a bunch of Star Wars things. What are those things? Well the press release simply says "history, politics, and fatherhood." So...up to your imagination on what, who, and where Sunstein is referring to.

- Finally The Telegraph charts the history of Star Wars video games. There were some highs, some lows, and some weird things in between. For those who don't know, when gaming was starting to become popular in the 1980's, the licensing to Star Wars was a free for all. Anyone could make a game as long as they paid Lucasfilm. And a lot of really bad Star Wars games were released because of it. Papa George disliked that crappy products were being put out in the name of Star Wars. Lucasarts was created and the licensing was wrangled in. That's when we got some really great Star Wars games. While I greatly dislike the fact that Disney closed Lucasarts and has been giving the licensing out a little bit more freely (which is weird because it's Disney), there is a progression to Star Wars game history that shouldn't be overlooked.


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