Thursday, November 05, 2015

Weekly Link Round-Up

There's so much news on the internet today, a round-up is necessary!

- GameFAQ's is celebrating 20 years of ASCII art! And now I feel extra old today. The website began as a means of collecting gaming knowledge and walkthroughs, and has since grown to include screenshots, videos, forums, and the like. While some of the web traffic has died off in favor of YouTube playthroughs, it's still a treasure trove of content. You'll find games dating all the way back to the Atari 2600 still listed. They are celebrating by running their annual "Best Game Ever" contest a little bit earlier then usual. Congrats GameGAQ's. Here's to another 20 years!

- Video game romances. They typically work in your favor. It's rare to see a romance fail, unless your character parts ways in-between sequels. So Kotaku writer Nathan Grayson took it upon himself to explore The Witcher 3 and Undertale and relate his experiences with crushed romances. I like this idea of the games become more "human" from an emotional standpoint. Because life doesn't always work in favor. You don't always get the guy or the girl. They may fall in or out of love with you. I'd be interested in seeing more video games explore this route. Except BioWare. You can't do that to me when you make such amazing characters that I want to love them all.

- IGN has created a list of the greatest 4 player games. I'm not surprised to see GTA Online on this list, after they finally released the heists missions. But don't expect games from the 90's. This list is much more geared towards today's generation of gamers.

- SNK Playmore, the company that went from video games to pachinko machines, is now going back to video games. SNK was initially bought out by a company that created pachinko machines, and then filed bankruptcy in 2001 to be acquired by Playmore. Changes to the pachinko market have forced the company to look at it's assets, and realize that video games is where they should be. With their semi-strong IP background, expect another SNK fighter to release in the future.

- The ESA has released a new study regarding the political interests of gamers. We care about a lot of issues, and with so many people into gaming these days, we make up a decent size of the voting population. Disparaging comments about the gamer stereotypes within the article aside, we are a very diverse and passionate group of people. Our political affiliations along parties varies (interesting to see the percentage who consider themselves Conservative, but also Democrats). The economy, unemployment, and education are big topics of interest to us. Mostly because our group seems to have the least amount of access to all three. Interesting read. Thanks ESA!

- Have you ever been curious about how the game Solitaire started? No not the physical card game. I mean the digital iteration that came installed with every copy of Windows. TechSpot takes a look back at one of the first video games that absorbed the computer masses. And yes. There are still companies who remove the game or have it blocked to prevent people from playing it.


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