Friday, November 13, 2015

Weekly Link Round-Up

Another busy week in the realm of video games. Mostly due to the gamer madness surrounding Fallout 4. Did you know you can buy your dog a doghouse and he uses it? It's cute.

So here's a list of the highs and lows of gaming news this week!

- When Conan O'Brian made his return to late night television through TBS, not too long into his tenure he began a series with one of his producers, who is a huge gamer, called 'Clueless Gamer.' For 5 minutes we watched Conan bumble his way through the latest hit game and make witty remarks. And over the years, it has been a marketing power proved worthy. Developers saw sale spikes and now you'll find that some of the popular games on the show today were paid spots. Check out the full article on Kotaku.

- This year we had a really big ruling in copyright laws that affected video games that you probably didn't know about. Gamasutra is here to save the day with a summary of the facts that could affect future developers. Or game preservation, a hot button issue with the ESA.

- I think we can all agree that the Steam controller is pretty silly looking. Does one really need all of those buttons? DigitalSpy has compiled a list of 8 controllers that are just as bad, or worse. Just remember, we got lucky with the XBox design. It was must worse in the development phase.

- WhatCulture is back with a list of 10 DLC's that didn't steal your money. I took that to mean DLC for games that gave you content worth your money. Because that are some DLC's that are notoriously bad, by only providing an extra outfit for your character or a weapon or two. On the list you'll find Skyrim, Civilization V, and Bioshock 2. I'd like to argue that the Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault needs to be ranked higher. That was a TON of content for a very small price. You got a DnD game within a game. You can't beat that quality!

- Extra Special for Friday the 13th: The Friday the 13th video game has been successfully funded via Kickstarter! The concept and the look seems a bit campy, but it sits well with the style of the movies.

- Cards games are invading video games. I don't know why that's new...because it's not. Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, anyone? Well you'll see cards in all sorts of forms these days, from random mini-games to being incorporated in building your character's stats. Meh. I'm not phased by it. Just another attempt at redesigning the game play.

- New game glitches are becoming commonplace. So here's a list of entertaining Fallout 4 glitches!

- Game of War, the mobile game that has been an issue with feminists and middle schoolers for showing too much of Kate Upton, having no female players, and advertising that is irrelevant to the game, now has a new spokesperson. Grammy winning singer Mariah Carey. In full cleavage bustyness, wearing an outfit that, once again, leaves nothing to the imagination and makes women look like a piece of meat. Good going developers. 1 step forward. 5 steps back.

- Last but not least, Nintendo announced new characters to the Smash Bros. line-up, one of them being a female Link. A real female Link. Not a genderbend. Interesting design and kind of classy. I'm hoping this isn't an iteration of the "Mister Man"/"Misses Man" trope, but a Link that holds her own.

Stay classy, gamers!


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