Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Events In Your Games!

Nintendo has created their own holiday! Starting tomorrow, and lasting though January 4, 2016, it's National StreetPass Holiday.

It basically means that if you have a 3DS, you can get a lot of free stuff if you StreetPass in public spaces or head to one of the 29 thousands Nintendo hot spots. You can earn up to 6 StreetPass tags from across the country, along with new characters and decorations if you own the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer game.

But if you're looking for other gaming freebe's this season, here are a few more to look out for:

- Rock, Paper, Shotgun has compiled a list of MMO's that are currently running winter/Christmas celebrations. We all know that World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy would be on the list, but even The Old Republic is celebrating "Life Day." And if you don't know what Life Day is, go Google it. Witness the horror and hilariousness that was unleashed upon the world. Thankfully if you're in TOR, there's really nothing going on for Life Day other then random NPC's that throw snowballs at you, giving your character the ability to trail snowflakes behind you for 5 minutes. It could be way worse.

- Grand Theft Auto Online is hosting another year of shenanigans with new Christmas outfits, car horns, and the return of snow! Which makes it a bitch to drive in, and it's hilarious to see so many people spin out. The in-game content lasts until January 5th, so pick up your goodies while you can.

- Mercenary Day began earlier this month, but if you're into Borderlands you can still utilize the Shift codes to get some cool swag, such as the snowman helmet. Because it's Borderlands and why not?

- Rocket League, the car-soccer game that took over our PC's like crazy this year, is having a snow day! Instead of grass and a ball, you get an ice rink and a hockey puck. Enjoy this through January 4th.

- An oldie but a goodie if you have an original Dreamcast, or if you've purchased the remastered version of this game on PSN, Steam, or XBox Live - NiGHTS: Into Dreams will be all Christmas-like when you boot it up! At the initial release, a separate NiGHTS game was developed for Christmas and allows you to traverse the landscape with snow, trees, presents, and Sonic. With the remastered version, the Christmas section was added into the game. And even if you don't have the original Christmas disc for the Dreamcast, you'll still see little nods to the holidays throughout the game. It's even more fun on New Years when you can play as Reala.


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