Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mini Weekly Round-Up

The end of the year is upon us! Time for one more Weekly Round-Up before 2016 hits and the world continues to spin. It's been a busy year for the gaming world, and the news doesn't stop even as the year sees it's conclusion.

- Polygon was kind enough to write a wrap-up of all of the weird gaming news this year. Remember when Nintendo hired a new VP of Sales with the name Bowser? Or how about when Apple removed any and all apps that included the Confederate Flag? It ended up removing some legitimate historical games and teaching tools. A number of those games have been restored after review, but it shows how poorly an all-out ban can work. And then there is Peter Molyneux publicity stunt for Godus, where the winner of the challenge never received their prize. Whoops. Great stories here, Polygon!

- Inverse attempts to make a case for bringing back game demos. As technology has evolved, the days of disc demos in magazines are long gone and we rarely see them grace console digital stores. The world in which we receive our gaming news, reviews, and updates has changed. Magazines are still around, but in very small demand. If it can't be downloaded and consumed in 1 minute, we tend to move on to the next thing. The rise of YouTube gaming stars has also diverted our attention from traditional media and marketing techniques. Studios are more likely to spend money on Tubers to demo the game for the greater public at a fraction of the cost. Most exposure, less cost on having to develop individual discs or work with the consoles to get a digital version up? It's a smart way to market. While I miss game demos, I don't expect them to return anytime soon. They'll be the unicorns of the gaming world whenever a publisher decides to release one.

- Fashion designer Louis Vuitton's latest craze has been with video games, manga, anime, and science fiction. Creative Director Nicholas Ghesquiére posted on his Instagram account a new ad campaign featuring, who else, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII in the Spring collection. It was also modeled on a living person, so it's a real thing. Ghesquiére has been pulling inspiration from Sailor Moon, Evangelion, and has even alluded to Minecraft in a video at the latest runway show. It's interesting to see geeky culture merge with other areas, such as high fashion. While this isn't Lightning's first stint at modeling, it's still newsworthy.

- Lots of DLC came out this year and Arts Technica takes a look at the hits that helped improved the games. Hint: Desinty is on the list.

- If you were concerned about Michael Fassbender not being a gamer and knowing squat about Assassin's Creed before he was casted for the role, you need to worry no longer! He's been playing the games to help with his role and figure out more of the dynamics of the AssCreed franchise. While his character will have no relationship what so ever to any of the AssCreed game characters, he still felt it was worth his time to dive in and take the role seriously. So good on him.


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