Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Nintendo/Disney Airing Mini Mario Kart Tourney

Mario Kart fans! Disney XD has a special this Sunday, December 5th, for a light-hearted competition putting some of the best "younger" players in the country in teams with some of YouTube's biggest gaming stars for a tournament. Titled Clash of the Karts, this one-time event will be bringing in YouTube know-it-all's such as AtomicMari and SethBling together with kids to play some games. There isn't word on if there are prizes for the winners.

The hour long special comes off the heels of another Disney/Nintendo partnership when Disney XD aired another hour special of the Nintendo World Championship in October (which initially took place at E3 in June). The channel's senior vice president, Marc Buhaj, finds the field promising for new ventures in programming. Mario Kart 8 was chosen because of the game's wide appeal and Buhaj remarked that it doesn't take itself too seriously.

He clearly has never seen adults play Mario Kart. It turns into a death match.

The inclusion of Disney to the eSports programming is a bold move that people are taking notice. Gamers are making a dent in society, and people want a piece of the profit.


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