Thursday, December 03, 2015

Weekly Link Round-Up

Some entertaining lists and mini controversies in the gaming world popped up on the feed overnight, so let's embrace the mounds of news and have the Weekly Link Round-Up.

- The Game Awards is set to air this evening and there's been a rush on concern regarding the panel line-up of judges. Namely there was only one woman listed, now two as a Polygon staff member swapped his position with a female editor on the staff who was equally qualified, on a team of 30 judges. Which is insane. If we expect this awards ceremony to be about the diversity of gaming and showcase how mature we can be, the judging panel should reflect this. Simple as that. 

Given that it's set to air tonight, the awards have been settled, there's little to be done now. It is something to consider for next year, if the show survives another round. The fact that it's on a Thursday night is going to harm them.

At this point, my hope is that it's not a show full of "World Premieres" and breaking the 180 rule. That was annoying as hell last year.

- If you like Golf or Tiger Woods, or both, you might be interested to know that Woods plays video games a lot these days to pass the time. I'm not sure why it's newsworthy, but there you go. You too can get super rich playing golf and then spend your life on the couch with a controller? I think that's the message the story is getting at.

- WhatCulture strikes again with another Top 10 List. This one is focused on the most underrated games of 2015. When the list begins with Mad Max, you know it's going to go downhill. What I'm trying to figure out is why Splatoon is listed. The game has had pretty strong sales, even with backlash from some gamers about the lack of voice chat (it is Nintendo after all; should we really be surprised?). The servers are still running strong and the fandom surrounding it will not be going down anytime soon. Tales from the Borderlands is also listed. I...huh? WhatCulture. Do your research. Games that sell well and have strong critical reviews are NOT underrated. I'd insert a "wtf" face here, but it would mess up the Blogger template.

- Design & Trend (it shouldn't take long to figure out what their website focuses on) now has a gaming section that's wrapped up into their sports reports. 

I know. I don't get it either. Roll with it for now. 

They list 5 games that deserve sequels. What's funny about this list is 2 of the games are sequels and 1 was never planned to go beyond that game. Red Dead Redemption, Bully, and Skate 3...yeah. This is why we don't let sports reporters comment on video games. And the frequent use of "but don't expect anything" make this a laughable article.

- Let's blow some minds with Minecraft. Verizon has built a working cell phone in the digital world, all block-like and everything! Working with other developers, Verizon created a web application called Boxel. It translates web pages and streaming video into blocks that can be built into a Minecraft server in real time. Using a plug-in, the digital phone can connect to people, as long as they have the video capabilities to view the call. It's pretty nifty, and all of the software is open sourced so you can go directly to Verizon's site, download it, and try it out. 

- Wired has an interesting article about open world games, and how they are changing the way we play. Content is evolving to allow for the environments in these games to feel real, and with it our gaming habits are adapting. Take the time for this piece. It provides quick insight into a gamer that was resistant to the change, but now sees the benefits of such game types.

- If you're more of the investing mindset, after the release of Star Wars: Battlefront, 2 firms reviewed EA's portfolio and have come to completely different conclusions on where the company stands. One suggested buying up stock, and the other suggests selling soon as the value has reached their height. Just goes to show that even investors have no idea how EA works. It just does.

- And finally for something silly, Kotaku looks into why we crouch in video games. I'll leave it at that!

If I can handle the lack of sleeping, I'll be up tonight watching The Game Awards and live tweeting it. Join in on the madness!


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