Thursday, January 14, 2016

Amazon Woos Gamers With 20% Off Deal

As Amazon attempts to capitalize on the video game market, on Tuesday they announced an offer that will be exclusive to Prime members. 20% Off Pre-Orders and New Video Games.

Here are the sticky details, since that's where the conflicts love to live:

Yes, this offer is only available to Prime Members. If you are currently one, congrats! You're already in the program. Go save! If you are not, there's a 30 day free trial and it's $99 a year after that.

The discount applies only to physical copy pre-orders and during the first 2 weeks of a new game's release. By that point it's no longer considered "new." And yes, you read that correctly. It's the physical disc only. No digital versions will be allowed for this deal. However, it does extend to those Limited Editions that developers love to push out for pre-orders. Just think, you could have gotten 20% off that Fallout 4 Pitboy. But it does not extend to consoles or other gaming bundles, so any XBox One or PS4 bundles next holiday season will not be on the list.

Prime Members will also receive release date delivery guaranteed. Instead of having to wait that extra day or two with the 2-day shipping, you'll get the game on the day of release. Instead of waiting at the store, your game will be at your home when you're done with work/school for the day.

There is also a limit of 1 per customer. So no pre-ordering a bunch of Limited Editions and trying to resell them. It's not happening.

But as a whole, this is one heck of a deal that Amazon is sporting to try and lure more gamers to their services. I'm still a sucker for physical games. I like the look and feel of the actual disc in my hand. Not to mention, the pretty artwork of the boxes and game manuals, even if they are dying out.

There is no mention on if this is a limited time offer. Amazon always reserves the right to change their Prime benefits, but there is no end date tacked onto this deal. This is part of their line-up to all Prime members. Take advantage of it.


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