Friday, January 01, 2016

Geek Spot 2015 Year in Review

Since 2012 I have been reviewing the stats of this blog to find the stories that kept you all interested, and what weird search terms you all have been using. And it's fun to see who my readers are. I don't tailor my future blog posts based on your reading needs, but I do find it fun to study why people seem more drawn to certain topics over others.

Also the funny search terms. Because "porn" (and yes that is a work-safe link; it's my 2013 review) was a big deal for 2 years and then magically dropped off the radar last year. It was amusing. So let's see what kept you occupied on The Geek Spot in 2015.

Top Searched Terms: violent video games, anime classroom, ubisoft, porn game, banjo kazooie

Porn has made a come-back! Though it's not number 1, it did make the top 5 of most searched terms. Thanks for keeping that stereotype alive, nerds.

Most of the terms I'm not surprised by. A lot of my stories this year have involved Ubisoft and violent video game discussions. But Banjo Kazooie? How did that...what even? I have one post about Banjo mentioned in an article about YouTube and Nintendo restricting videos from February, but that's it. I guess I need to add more classic Nintendo stuff on here? I don't know what it means!

Referral Sites: No surprise here: it's still Google. But there's been a big jump in Google UK, inching out the #2 spot from The Geek Spot's internal search engine. Bravo to that.

Browser: Chrome is still taking the lead with 33% of readers using this browser. Firefox moved up to 29% with Internet Explorer going down a rank to third with 23%. The mobile stats have gone up, which I'm glad to see! We're at 9% now, when were just at 1 last year. Even better, some people are viewing this blog from their PSP! That's damn cool. :D

Country: The U.S. reclaimed the number 1 spot after the Ukraine took the lead in 2014. Coming in second, France. Followed by Germany, the U.K., Russia, and Canada. I'm picking up a lot of European countries. And hello to the 15 page views from New Zealand! You're on the list this year.

Most Viewed Posts: This one is my favorite. The top 5 most viewed posts for 2015. Let's see those 2015 numbers...

Academic Anime - Anime in the Classroom - 16,480 hits. Woah. A post I wrote in 2011 (and also contains the word porn as a potential search term...hah!) got 16k unique hits this year. The power of anime and education.

The Feminist Stance on Bayonetta - 8,465 hits. This is a repeat offender on the list, taking the top spot since I wrote the piece in 2013. 2015 is the year that it got knocked back to number 2. Since it's been featured in not one, but two academic journals, it's still a hot topic on people's minds. (To note: I'm only including the visits from this year. Any past years for older articles are not included in these numbers. Altogether, 'The Feminist Stance on Bayonetta' has gained over 21,675 hits since it was first published.)

Five Nights Picked Up for Film Potential - 7,200 hits. Now this was surprising, given that it was a simple article. Five Nights at Freddy's got a licensing deal with Warner Bros. for a movie. Even with the growing trend of Hollywood getting rights for games, this is one that I agreed with. Five Nights has a lot of potential to make a great scary story because the basics elements are easy to manipulate and build off of. I didn't realize that this would be an article of such great interest.

Can We Stop Hating on the Prequels? - 5,339 hits. This will go hand in hand with number 5 on the list. I wasn't expecting so many people to read this article. It was me, being a fan, getting mad at other fans who felt that people weren't "fanly" enough because their introduction to Star Wars was different from their own. And I totally pulled a SquareEnix pre-order on that wording. Let me simplify it: don't be a dick. Everyone is a fan. While I didn't receive comments on the article, the re-posts through my Facebook Fan Page and Tumblr were staggering. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one with these opinions, rattling them off for the sake of getting them out of my system. And then people surprise me with their agreement. It makes the world not feel like such a big, empty place. That a number of fanboys and fangirls agree with this - it's just the loud minority that stir up all the trouble.

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Review - 5,276 hits. I've only had this piece up for 2 weeks, and it garnered 5 thousand hits. That still floors me. And I guess people agreed with my thoughts? I don't know. Usually if someone posts a review that people dislike, there are a load of comments. This one, not so much. Maybe I'm not the only one who is still feeling loss on how to react to the latest Star Wars escapade?

That's it for 2015. Here's to 2016 and the crazy gaming stories that will emerge from the depths of the internet.


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