Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Is the Next AssCreed Breaking Yearly Release Cycle?

Ubisoft may have finally gotten the memo that a yearly release cycle for some of their biggest titles is not always a good thing. Fresh off the technical disaster that was AssCreed Unity and the tepid success of Syndicate, sources close to Ubisoft have stated that the company is going to take a break from releasing AssCreed this Fall and will instead have a new version of the game ready for 2017.

Let the cries from fanboys commence. But remember! A delay in a game's release means they will be able to fix some of the bugs. Not all, but some. When EA opted to give a year break to Need for Speed, it allowed the development team more time to polish the final product and provide a game that not only looked refined, but included new content that we hadn't seen in years prior due to the yearly release schedule.

And frankly, it makes sense for AssCreed at this point to take a break. We've had a release every Fall every year since 2007. That's 9 console games, and does not include any spin-off's, handheld off-shots, mobile, etc. Quite a lot of AssCreed games. While some of you may enjoy it, it has led to fatigue with the series, not to mention the litany of internet memes for the past 2 years of misses and screw ups. While Syndicate was a good step from the fallout of Unity, it didn't pull in the numbers that Ubisoft wanted. Sources say that Ubisoft has been planning a 2017 delay on a future title after the Unity debacle.

There is still a call from Kotaku and other news outlets to Ubisoft to confirm the rumor. Right now the sources are based off of a few posts on an internet forum and inside contacts, but there hasn't been an official confirmation direct from the company.

The other big hoopla is that the new AssCreed, code named Empire, will be set in ancient Egypt - possibly Greece as well. Now that...that I may play. I'm a sucker for history. But AssCreed is probably not going to be very accurate about it. Damn.


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