Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Life is Strange Scholarship

How about a more happy-feels post today?

DONTNOD, the developers behind Life is Strange has announced a $10,000 scholarship contest for US and Canada, dubbing it the Everyday Heroes Fund. For those age 18 and older who are currently in or looking to attend an art school, you can submit a photo of yourself or someone you know who is a hero in your life. The fact that it's art school specific does put a smile on my face. There are so very few art scholarships out there and it is damn near impossible to get a hold of one. College and University fees keep rising ever year, so anything to help with the costs is nothing short of a miracle for kids today.

There are of course runner-up prizes including signed copies of the special edition of the game. To note, the scholarship must be used for schooling purposes only. So don't expect to buy a new computer with it. But what a heck of an opportunity for students and fans of the game. It's another way to promote the arts and help bolster the community. Yea!


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