Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pulling Another Plug on a Kickstarter Game...But Wait!

Another Kickstarter video game has bit the dust, but in an honest twist, the developers opted to pull the campaign a week into the funding because they felt they weren't doing right for the backers.

Hero's Song, a retro hard-core RPG, cancelled it's quest for $800,000 on Tuesday. While they felt they put a lot of time into developing the Kickstarter campaign, they didn't focus on the needs of the backers, nor did they have enough content available to showcase game footage. They were asking people to back their project based on promises but very little physical, or digital, evidence.

And after 7 days they were only $136,000 into their $800k goal. They would have needed to raise almost $29k a day to reach their goal before the deadline. Based on the slow start, that was probably not going to happen.

The game itself sounds interesting. It has Diablo-like point and click action and allows you to take your time with each move you make. Friendly Fire is always on, so your party members can, and will die if you mess up. They mean it when they said they wanted it to be "hard-core." But they also enlisted the help of NY Times Bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss to help create the story, which is an ever-changing dynamic world. Every time you start a new game, you get a new story. Elements of the backstory will be pervasive, but can alter with each new world you create. With the addition of online play, this sounds like a potentially winning indie game.

But don't fret! Those who backed the project or are intrigued by the design, there is hope. Investors have stepped in to help with additional funding to ensure that the game is completed in time (they are shooting for October of this year with a $20 price tag).


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