Wednesday, February 24, 2016

No Really, A Developer is Making a Jay and Silent Bob Game

When I initially heard about this game idea, I thought it was another joke article. Someone making some amusing digital graphics of Jay and Silent Bob, to share and have a few laughs at. But it's true! Someone is trying to get the funding together for a video game, titled Jay and Silent Bob: The Game. It has Kevin Smith's, creator of all things Jay and Bob, and Jason Mewes seal of approval.

Interabang Entertainment, which has created games for Adult Swim, is teaming up with Smith for the project and they are looking to crowdfunding to help supplement some of the funds. But not with Kickstarter! They are using the platform Fig to ask for donations. Fig works a little bit differently in that it offers backers an opportunity to own a piece of the company or work, thus having input on the creative direction of the project. The more money you pay, the more you own. It's a creative alternative to other sites that allows for a more personal touch with backers. Like Kickstarter though, they only claim the funds if the campaign reaches it's goal. So it's possible that this project may fall out of favor if there isn't enough interest in fans to bring the game to life.

The company is looking to raise $400 grand over the next 36 days, currently at a $69k of their goal.

So what's a Jay and Silent Bob game going to be about? Well in this side-scrolling action-adventure title, Jay and Bob have lost all of their customers. They don't know where they've run off to, and want to find out why, less they lose their only means of income (for those who don't know, they sell drugs). Their search leads them all around their town, classic locations from several of Smith's movies, a new mega mall, and the like. The game includes unique moves for each character that you can learn over time, along with a dialogue tree for those RPG fans who need their fill of witty commentary. The plan is to launch the game on PC via Steam first and then roll out a version for the PS4 and XBox One.

I may fund this because it's a Jay and Silent Bob game. I don't need another reason. I'm a sucker for all things Kevin Smith. Except 'Jersey Girl.' Everyone knew that was a bad idea from the get-go. But as the gamer in me looks at it, it has the plotline quirks of South Park: The Stick of Truth with the fighting style of Marvel vs. Capcom mixed in with Donkey Kong Country. It's got my interest.


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