Monday, February 08, 2016

So Long to GameTrailers

I knew this was coming, but was not allowed to post until they made the official announcement. As of this evening will be closing down it's business for good. Their last Twitch stream will be this evening at 6pm PST. And it's odd because if you visit the website right now, it looks perfectly normal. Nothing to indicate that the site is going to be removed from existence.

Unfortunately there isn't much information up on the company's page or through their Social Media outside of "we're calling it quits this evening."

GameTrailers was founded in 2002 when gaming magazines were hitting their stride. The internet was still "new" enough that no one had the market on video game content, particularly when it came to videos. GameTrailers changed that and became a hub for all videos related to video games, including commercials. I'm a big fan of their Retrospective series, particularly the Final Fantasy segments for their wit and wonderful game summaries that captured the essence of the games quite nicely.

In 2014, Defy Media bought the company and made quite a few layoffs as they attempted to turn the site around. The rise of YouTube and Twitch put the need for GameTrailers out of people's minds. And even with a very recent website redesign, Defy is shutting the place down. There's no word on exactly what's happening to the site. If it'll remain as an archive, what will happen to the old videos, and if they will maintain the YouTube channel. We won't know until after the Twitch stream this evening and hopefully some questions will be answered.

Good luck to the staff members of GT and to their future.


  1. Oh no!!! I really liked the "Retrospective" of the "Resident Evil" series and it was my primary website for video reviews. The videos were well cut and narrated. :-(

    1. Ah! The Resident Evil one. That's my other favorite.

      I'm going to miss their reviews and their style. I know the site has been kind of downhill over the past few years, but I always appreciated the unique perspective they offered.

      Their website is still up, so I don't know what's going to happen to it. I hope they maintain it or at least put it into an archive. They have so much content, it would be a waste to have it all removed.

    2. Luckily I already downloaded everything of interest in the past and burned it on DVD Video to watch on a tv.


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