Thursday, February 11, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

It's that time again!

With all of the PAX South talk and gaming, I have neglected The Geek Spot's one true love - internet hunting for some of the best, worst, and weirdest gaming stories of the week. We hope you can forgive us for this grave error. So we'll have a super-sized version of the Weekly Link Round Up for you to enjoy.

- Nintendo released a Super Smash Bros. video of all 7 downloadable fighters released since March of 2015. And for some reason it's blowing up my Facebook feed this morning. I don't know why...they are all available characters. It's not like it's ground-breaking news. There's no new content, but whatever floats your boat.

 - Kojima is launching a YouTube channel called Hideo Tube and the first video may be released today, with his top 10 movie picks of 2015. He's been promoting the channel in both Japanese and English, so it's likely that they are producing these with English subtitles (and you don't have to fiddle with YouTube's inaccurate CC). The channel sounds like it's more of a fun project for Kojima, and not intended as an extension of his new gaming deal with Sony. Kojima is already joking about the content being produced will mostly center around movies, and that shouldn't be a surprise. His games are filled with so many movie references, it'd make the average film student quiver in fear.

- Entertainment CheatSheet is gracing us with a list of 5 Video Games Everyone is Sick of Hearing About. I'm going to assume like all lists that this was based on the author's personal opinion, because two of the games mentioned have only been recently picked up steam among gaming blogs and forums - No Man's Sky and The Witness. And the latter is silly to tack onto the list, given the game was released late January and people are engrossed in the puzzle antics. So of course people are talking about it. The game was recently released.

I have no qualms about the rest of the list. I think we're all tired of The Last Guardian, which keeps getting touted every E3 for the past 5 years, and has been in development since 2009. At this point, I've given up on following any content on TLG until a physical copy of the final game is in my hands.

- Metro UK has a sound-off series for gamers to send in their opinions and open-ended questions. It probably helps that with the site based in the UK, the content is rather polite and thought-provoking. Less of the hate speech I'm use to seeing, and smacking the spam button on, at The Geek Spot. One gamer asks whether video games can do romance properly? As it stands our only go to is BioWare and they are not always...real, to say the least (I talked to you about your family and that means you want to bang? What?). There's even a thoughtful mini-review on Mario Kart 8. I need to start looking at the UK sites more often. The readers are great!

- When professional, physical athletes are turning to Twitch and YouTube for streaming as extra income, you know gaming is a big deal. Kotaku recently highlighted UFC Champion Demetrious Johnson and his interest in video games. Even with his heavy work our schedule, he still finds time to stream 15 hours a week, and has made a decent wage from it with sponsorship and donations. I'm guessing the random drug inspection that occurred while he was streaming Bloodborne didn't hurt his follower increase either.

Street Fighter II is 25 years old! I was 6 when the game was released and I remember being heavily involved in it at the arcades and again on the Super Nintendo with my brother. My parents trusted me to know the difference between reality and fantasy. Gamasutra reached out to game developers and those within the industry to talk about the legendary game, and for a number of them, #2 changed the landscape of video games.

- The A.V. Club created a list of the 10 Sexiest Video Game Songs. For Valentine's Day, of course. And this isn't a rehash of GTA playlists. This is actually...a pretty good list. All containing original music specifically designed for the games. It ranges from Catherine to Beyond Good and Evil. From the heavy beats to uplifting tempos, I'm actually kind of surprised someone created such an eloquent list. A.V. Club, you get an applause for today.

- A zoo in Melbourne, Australia is letting their corral of orangutans play video games. They state it's to help improve the attitudes and positive welfare of the animals. I think they just want an attraction so people can come in and play against the monkeys. My two cents.

- The Independent Journal Review is not shy to remind us that one time, a video game correctly predicted who would be the next president of the United States. It was 1992 and the game was Power Politics. Bill Clinton won the office, and won in the game. The author of the article ran the game again using the current candidates (though this could be altered dramatically since they are using all current individuals running for the nomination instead of one person to one party) and it's claiming that Mark Rubio will win. In a similar, though different program, it's predicting Hillary Clinton. We'll just have to wait and see if the guesses are correct.

- Adam Clark Estes works as a contributor for Gizmodo. He's 31, the same age as me. And the other day he surrendered his credit card for YouTube Red to watch and review the first episode of PewDiePie's first video series: Scare Pewdiepie. And now he feels old and out of touch with society. The article is not intended to make one depressed. But I found it amusing to have someone of my age exclaim that they feel old and unworthy around today's youth, because of Pewdiepie.

- The ESA is fighting back again, this time on an opinion piece written by the CEO of SuperData Research Inc. Which sounds like the name of a company that would be in a video game, or headed by a Superman villain. The summary of the original opinion was that the ESA is becoming increasingly irrelevant and unhelpful to the gaming industry. We all know that's not true given their extensive history on going to court in support of free speech in games, and providing some of the most comprehensive studies on how people are consuming games. But one aspect SuperData pointed out that could use some work is that the ESA only contains 33 members. While millions support them, it couldn't hurt to open up the group a bit to add in more mobile, indie, and digital developers.

- And finally, I don't know how accurate this story is so please don't shoot the messenger until there are official movie stills by the production company, along with a release date: Sonic the Hedgehog is getting a movie. I'm in denial since so many games are being bought up lately for movie rights, that this could be just another one of those situations. The movie may never come to fruition, and I hope this is the case. The rumor right now is that it would be a live-action, animation hybrid managed by Sony Pictures. Which sounds awful. Sonic does not deal well with humans. This is just a bad idea all around. But seeing how Sonic has never entered the realm of "reality" with humans, I'm wondering if this is even a legit story at all. It just sounds, and smells rotten.


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