Thursday, February 18, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

It's that time again. Where we dust off our gaming mice and start surfing the internet for the wonderful, and weirdest stories of the week. It's the Weekly Link Round Up!

- WhatCulture, because we know how much I have fun poking that nest, has a list of 10 Video Games that Take a Genius to Beat. On the list is Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, which makes use of VR and team work to defuse a bomb through several levels. You do NOT need to be a genius to win this game.Case in point: Rooster Teeth. While the games listed are difficult to beat, they are not impossible and do not require you to have an IQ on the level of Einstein to win.

- The Creator's Project has a fantastic interview with 'girlplaysgames,' one of the few female modders who's currently active in the gaming community. Many of her mods tend to skew feminine, but she doesn't approach a game thinking "let's make this more girly." She's attempting to add variety, options, and more personality to games that have the stereotypical "butch" female characters. A woman can be feminine and a bad ass. :) Great read and I highly recommend this for your morning routine today.

- Digital Spy has a list of 10 weird things from video games that people have made real-life replicas of. It's a list of a bunch of cool props. Because...that's what it is! And I so want a Worthog. I don't care how much I have to pay for it. I would love to drive that to work. Daily.

- Did you know that DICE is going on right now? Well in a fun and unique twist, magician/comedian Penn Jillette and Gearbox mogul Randy Pitchford gave a rousing presentation about video games, magic, and art. For those who don't know, Pitchford loves magic, and performs tricks almost every time he takes the stage. The two are collobrating on a remake of Desert Bus for VR, a game developed by Jillette for the olden Sega days that never took off, but is currently used yearly for fundraising. But back to DICE. It's cool to see the unique take people have on video games, and how much magic is involved in the final design. There's no video available of the panel, yet. But Gamasutra has a good summary available for reading.

- An editorial on may have you questioning if video games are indeed art. Maybe not in the traditional sense, but are they artistic enough to be on the same walls as paintings? My response is why not? They're just as unique, flavorful, colorful, and dynamic as any sculpture you can see in a museum today. Another interesting read this week on the interwebs.

- Gaming addiction articles! I do love to share these for their sheer lunacy at not properly understanding what addiction is, and using very basic assumptions that would make any gamer look like they have a problem. Talk about gaming during other activities? Yes. I'm a gamer. Gaming to escape real life problems, anxiety, and depression? Yep. People do this with movies, music, television, reading, and theater too.

Let's just make this easy on all of us - just because you play a video game does not make you an addict. If gaming is actually inhibiting you from living your day to day life, causing strife among your friends and family, causing you to miss work and school, then yes. You may have a problem and you should talk to a psychologist about it. But if you like to play games from time to time, use it to help relax, de-stress, and help with your anxiety, that's totally fine! Don't let these "are you an addict" articles scare you.

- From an unlikely source, Kim, which my last brush with the website involved some misunderstanding with XBox and how they store credit card info, has a positive article about gaming. In this case, how games are saving the lives of veterans. Games are helping out vets around the world with acclimating them to life after the military, helping with depression, PTSD, and the like. It even goes into a program called Honor Everywhere 360, which is taking 360 views of memorials and providing them to vets through VR headsets so they can visit the locations, digitally. Pretty darn cool, if you ask me.

- And another list to cap off the day of not 10, or 15, or even 25, but 50 Video Games that Should Become Movies. That's a lot of games. And for extra annoyance you can't see the full list. You have to click page to page for each entry, because that's how they get paid. It's all in the clicks! Not only does it give you the list, but even options for actors and what type of movie genre it would be. Life is Strange is on the list, and this SHOULD NOT BE A MOVIE. Ever. It's brilliant the way it was designed and putting it into a movie format would completely destroy the tempo of the story. They also list Ace Attorney, which is a movie, but in an anime style. The movie is brilliant already. Let's not sully it with an anime variation. The list leaves something to be desired as it attempts to rehash games that have already been turned into movies, such as Resident Evil which has a longstanding franchise of it now. Kudos for trying, but they may want to go back to the storyboard on this one.


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