Friday, March 18, 2016

Miitomo - Nintendo's First Mobile Game

Nintendo's first mobile game, announced last year in a partnership with DeNA for a Spring 2016 release, is out and ready to play.

In Japan.

But don't worry. It'll come stateside soon enough!

Miitomo is a new social app that allows you to create a Mii, similar to the ones on the Nintendo Wii, interact with them, use them in photos, graphs, charts, and chat with other Mii's. The Mii's will even ask about your day. Kind of creepy, given that it's pre-recorded content, but okay. Let's roll with it for now. You can also dress up your Mii and drop money on Miitomo Coins to get fancier items. You get a daily bonus for logging in, so that helps a tiny bit. There is also a mini game called Miitomo Drop, kind of like the crane game. You drop your Mii onto a prize that can be used in the app. Sometimes it's clothing, or it could be more coins and exclusive, limited time items. You need coins to play, sadly.

This sounds similar to the Final Fantasy Portal App, where it's providing some mindless fun for people, and prompting you to spend money on digital goods that have no value. It may expand in the future to include Nintendo news, which would be a welcomed addition. Other then that...enjoy spending you cash!

There is also a concern that there are no content filters built into Miitomo, something that is always a red flag for Nintendo. We don't have a chat system on next-gen consoles from Nintendo for this very reason. So it's odd that Miitomo doesn't include blocks or filtered words. The reasoning behind this is fairly simple: the app requires you to sync to your Facebook and Twitter account if you want to add people to your friend's list. Meaning, they need to already be your friends. You can't friend random people and there is still a report feature for any abuse. But if you want to swear to your friends? Go right ahead.

Let's see how long that lasts.

So far the reviews of the app are positive. Bugs haven't been reported, or if they have they are minor and not really worth the time to note. It's fairly straight forward and easy to consume. The long development time was definitely worth it to have a clean, working app. Even if the content is Mii's playing dress up and you swearing at your friends.


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