Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

Kicking off the Round Up a little earlier then usual. Lots of gaming news is on the loose today and it would be a disservice to you, as the reader, to not fill up your brain this morning. So here's a look at what's going on in the gaming world today:

- After a decade, SquareEnix is FINALLY going to announce the release date of Final Fantasy XV though a live stream event that will take place this evening - 10PM EST, 7PM PST. They are also asking fans to record themselves during the event and post reaction videos of the announcements where you could win a copy of the game (not on release date, of course). So edit those videos fast, because they are only accepting entries for up to 2 hours after the live stream. I will be fast asleep by then. I stopped caring about FF15 when they decided to make female Cid the least-respectably dressed female mechanic ever.

Someone used some inane glitches in Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo to make it like Flappy Bird. Basically it gives Mario the ability to fly and swoop through levels, thus avoiding a number of obstacles along the way. What makes it so impressive is that the person who came up with this did nothing to the game. No hacks. No crossing wires. These are all glitches that exist in the original version, combined into one.

- Speaking of Nintendo, more rumors are spreading about it's next system: NX. Between the fake controller that someone made with a 3D Printer and claimed it was the real deal, to release dates, it's hard to tell what is or isn't real at this point with so much misinformation spreading. So pro-tip time: unless the words are coming directly out of the mouth of a Nintendo executive, do not believe it. That's the only way to secure the truth at this rate. There are just too many stories to corroborate what is and isn't real - and Nintendo has been tight lipped on the subject. Best to wait until E3 when they talk about the console.

- Pokémon Go had more features announced yesterday., such as finally being able to customize your trainer's look (20 years and we're just now getting to this, Nintendo?), inventory limits (so no infinite bag of holding), and just like the past games in order to get a Pokémon into your Pokédex you have to encounter them. The game is currently in beta testing in Japan.

- And hey, more rumors! Sony's PlayStation 4.5 (with 4k resolution) is expected to be released prior to the PlayStation VR this October. While there is no confirmation on the date, what Sony has said is that this system is intended for a full 4k setup. The current PS4 does not have the ability to read 4k, both in the Blu-Ray drive and it's optical cables. Thus the need for a new system. No price point has been announced, but none of us can imagine it'll be more expensive then the VR, which is set at $399, without the PS camera.

- Welcome back the the Round Up WhatCulture! This time they have a list on 10 Incredible Video Games that you can complete in a few hours. And per usual, most of this list is crap. It's asking you to speed through the game and not really immerse yourself into the experience. Such as P.T. Why on Earth would you only give that game 2 hours to play? Unless you scare yourself, then good enough. Same with Until Dawn. That's not a 4 hour game. Easily 8 if you take the time to listen to the story, weigh your options (when you don't have those split second decisions to make) and TRY to keep everyone alive. I mean...that's totally possible! They also list Uncharted 2 and The Stanley Parable. No no no no. Please do not rush through those games. Never. You are doing yourself a disservice by speeding. WhatCulture, you have disappointed me once again!

- Nerding it up to a new level, Canadian artist Kay Pike uses YouTube to transform herself into geek icons such as Superman by painting herself. It is really cool to watch as she turns into the comic version of these characters, as if they jump off the page and into reality.

- VR Sex as predicted by a 1993 news article. It is safe for work, and it is interesting to read just how incredibly off-key everyone perceived VR back in the day. At that time, the only VR tech available to the home consumer was the VirtuaBoy. And that was pretty bad. But the mock-up of the headgear itself? It's not that far off from what the Occulus Rift has become. Minus the giant dick. Keep it classy Kotaku.

- Finally, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D is on Steam. Right now. One of the greatest PC games of the 1990's is back! So why are you still reading this blog post? Go get it and play. Now!


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