Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Smash Group May Ban Bayonetta

Originally posted on Reddit after a few tweets surfaced from gamers at a Spanish Smash Bros. tournament, it's been confirmed that the organizers of the majority of events in the country, as well as a number of gamers, are considering banning Bayonetta from the roster, even as an alternate character. The ban is not official, the Twitter feed for the group announced, but they will have an update within the next few days.

The call to remove Bayonetta from the list is for a fairly level-headed reason: she's too powerful. Even with the last update, it's common knowledge among the Smash community that Bayonetta is going to kick massive ass if you see her in game. So much so that a number of long-time Smash gamers and tournament groups know that she doesn't keep the game fair. A lot of the top players don't have her in rotation. Not until Nintendo further balances the character.

What I've found at Smash tournaments that I've attended recently is that they do not allow DLC characters to be included. You can only utilize the toons that came pre-packaged with the game. Saves headaches from any in-blances because new characters will always be released imperfect. They'll need tweaks and any bugs worked out before they are safe to use in a tournament setting. What the Spain Smash group is reviewing would be the first of it's kind. No one has outright banned a single character from a fighting game for being too OP.

The counterargument is, of course, there is no reason to ban her. Of the top 400 Smash players in the world, only 3 use Bayonetta as a main. Meta Knight still reigns supreme. Bayonetta does have her weaknesses. While she has a high attack combo, she doesn't move with speed or precision as well as other characters, like Sheik. She can be defeated, and no she is not breaking the game. It's completely possible to go up against her and win. She'll be updated over the coming months to better balance with the rest of the characters.

It'll be interesting to see the final ruling by the Spanish Smash group.


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