Friday, April 15, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

Ah yes. The Weekly Link Round Up. A time for us to review the best, worst, and sometimes the "wtf's" of the internet for gaming news. It's been a long week, so let's hope we get some good choices here!

- For those who may care about basketball or anything Kobe Bryant related, the NBA star played his last game this week. While he isn't going out with a bang, he did have a pretty stellar career. Kotaku takes a look back at 20 years of Kobe Bryant in the form of video games. Kobe has been around long enough to be in the early NBA Live games that appeared on the Genesis and the SNES. He had his own solo game, along with sequels, and became a staple in NBA2K. Lakers fans will miss him, and hope for a better season next round.

- wants to talk about how playing video games can change your retirement plan. The article focuses on how video games need to age with their audience and break some of the tricky routes of getting into the game, so that older adults can easily pick them up and play. How that affects your retirement? I have no idea. But the premise of the article is sound. Not so much the title.

- Not to be outdone, the Huffington Post looks at how video games are going to change architecture! It covers a little bit about the UN/Minecraft project and how it's influencing the planning aspect for countries in need, but there hasn't been a physical brick by brick, wood by wood, replica of game content working in the real world. Yet.

- ArcadeSushi has a list of the 10 worst spin-off games ever made. Narrowing it down to 10 is a challenge unto it's own, so let's see how they do. There's Crash Bang Boom, a weird Mario Party hybrid but with Crash Bandicoot characters. And yes, that is a bad game. Just don't even waste your time on it. Twisted Metal: Small Brawl is also a good choice. I remember my brother and I playing that one from a demo and thinking how terrible it was and nothing like the original. Very clunky controls and no humor. There's also The 3rd Birthday which tried to make an action-adventure out of Parasite Eve and threw in some FF13 costume changes for some odd reason. This list isn't half bad. Good job ArcadeSushi.

- WhatCulture has a list of video games that are so great, they ruined the series. If you're scratching your head at that statement, you're not alone. The writer's argument is that these games are so phenomenal, so powerful, so breathtakingly perfect that any sequel thereafter will never be as awesome. Like Mass Effect 2. I've seen a number of fans argue that the second game is the best of the series, and the 3rd isn't worth your time. On the list there's Silent Hill 2, Dark Souls, and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. I'm not fully convinced on MGS3. Great game. One of my favorites from the franchise. But MGS4 is pretty bad ass. But as a whole, this is a pretty good list. WhatCulture must have heard my calls and stepped up the quality.

- Video Clip! ABS News interviews a team that has found a way to utilize brain waves to allow someone to play video games without the use of their body. Nifty.

- Get ready for the inevitable hate train. Activision announced that it will be releasing a Ghostbusters video game this July, before the rebooted film hits theaters. The 4 player co-op allows you to play scenes from the film. Here's the kicker: you can choose between male and female characters. So maybe that'll soften the blow for gamers who don't want to see an all female cast of ghost busting.

- Finally, the New York Times has a giant article on The Minecraft Generation. Read this during a lunch break or in the evening off the clock, because it's a doozy but so worth the time investment. It looks at the impact the game has had on the younger generation, it's involvement in STEM courses, and what the future of Minecraft holds for the world.


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