Friday, April 29, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

Let's get this Round Up underway! All of the news and weird reviews of this week in video games, right here in an easy to digest format. Get those forks ready...

- With a sad face, I'm sorry to type that Lionhead Studios will be officially closing at the end of the day today. It was heavily speculated in early March that the Fable developer would be closing it's doors sometime this year. I don't think we expected it to be so soon, but studio closures tend to move faster then we anticipate. Fable Legends was shortly cancelled after the March announcement, and there's no word about what will happen to the property from here on out. Will there be future Fable titles? Or Black and White? Only Microsoft will know. To the faithful team at Lionhead, best of luck to you and your future careers. Thank you for turning the RPG world on it's axis.

- Who would have thought that YouTube would become grounds for the next battle of free speech and creative expression? A decade ago, we were still trying to figure out how YouTube would fit on the internet. "Why would people want to spend time watching videos online?" Game Critic Jim Sterling, is no stranger to the YouTube Content ID rules. He breaks them. A lot. And in all fairness, the Content ID rules have good intentions but they are royally jacked up. You could create every part of your video, the music, the sound effects, even develop a new lighting rig, and the Content ID filter could still peg your video a violating copyright. It's happened more times then I want to count with my podcast. But Sterling has come up with a masterful work-around and it's so genius, it's really funny. Give it a read. I'm waiting for his follow-up to see how well it's worked!

- Disney Concerts has announced that there will be a Kingdom Hearts concert series touring the world, starting in 2017. Oh. Sure. We can have a musical tour in every country, but we can't have Kingdom Hearts 3 yet? You're 11 years too slow.

- Atari has partnered with mobile game developer Spil Games, and Nolan Bushnell is already pitching ideas that we should see arrive by early 2017. The father of Atari and 73-year old gaming guru is ready to see his content back on the market, in a new way. I wonder what ideas he's been planning - a number of these, he claims, have been on his mind for over a decade. Atari is never out of the fold when it comes to gaming.

- The ESA's annual report on gaming habits of individuals and families was released earlier this morning. The 2016 edition can be viewed here; people on Reddit and Kotaku were able to locate it before the link was made public on the website. Some key takeaways: The average gamer age is 35, and 59% of the audience is male. 48% play games dedicated to social activity and 50% use their gaming consoles for watching movies. There's even a section on eSPorts and VR gaming. The ESA continues to get more progressive with their reports.

- And to keep this blog classy, we know Conan isn't great at video games, but he makes for an entertaining reviewer because of it. So when the 2 male leads for the movie 'Neighbors 2' want to play Mario Kart 8 with him, of course he'll do it. The twist was the loser of the race would have dicks drawn on their face. You can imagine what happens next...all in the name of entertainment, eh Conan?


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