Friday, May 13, 2016

Game for Change - Sea Hero Quest

I think I sense the start of a new series of blog posts. Hmm...

Researchers from the University College London and Alzheimers Research UK have created a mobile game that collects data about player's cognitive abilities. The game is Sea Hero Quest. By playing the game and recording user responses, they hope to find more of the causes, and understanding behind dementia. The game is available on both Android and Apple and was developed by the company Glitchers.

The video promo for the game looks like an odd cross between Moses and Noah's Ark, but it's not. Promise. In the game you play the son of an explorer, who has a journal of his memories and documentation of all of the sea creatures he has seen. The explorer no longer remembers his adventures. As the son, you now must take up the steward of the ship and help your digital father reclaim his memories.

The University and the Research center believes that if 100,000 people play the game for 2 minutes they could gather almost 50 years worth of data in that time frame. Not much is known about the cause of dementia or Alzheimers, and it's a growing issue among the aging world population as more people are diagnosed. The game tests a players ability to make choices, navigate, and estimate orientation - all focused on cognitive reasoning.

If your concerned about your information or your results being made public, don't worry. All of it is submitted anonymously without your name attached to it.

I may download this today and give it a whirl. Anything for science!


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