Wednesday, May 04, 2016

International Star Wars Day - Celebrating with Games!

It's May the 4th, international Star Wars day where we celebrate all things Star Wars in our own nerdy ways. Even large businesses such as iHeart Media are joining on the fun with a Star Wars music station today. And here I was ready to get my 80's groove on and I log in to see Star Wars. If there were a thumbs up emote in Blogger I would use it right now. Which means today I'm going to be throwing down a bunch of Star Wars links to help you get into the mood.

One of the things that I love about Star Wars is that it's one of the few experiences that can be shared globally. You can talk to someone half a world away and have nothing in common...except Star Wars. The moment those words leave your mouth you'll find yourself connecting to this other person though a movie. There is a power behind the Star Wars legacy that is impossible to deny. It's the type of movie, the type of cinematic artistry that will always live on. Centuries from now I would not be surprised if humans still quoted this movie, held the same day of celebration, and extended friendships to other lifeforms by watching Star Wars together. While I'm still a bit sour that the parts of the supposed "fandom" was bashing Prequel fans, the majority seem to be more calm about it: fans come in all shapes, sizes, colors, religions, backgrounds, and ages. Star Wars is a connection we have with our fellow human beings. It's a day to celebrate it!

- The LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens released a trailer featuring gameplay just this morning! u can view it on Amazon and it's about what you would expect with a LEGO game. There is a new multi-build system which allows players alternate ways to create objects in order to solve puzzles. You can also take those pile of bricks and build, destroy, and re-build into new items. The game is releasing on June 28th.

- Want a new way to watch The Force Awakens? How about the story being told be emojis? Because why not? We're nerds. It's what we do. And it's only 3 minutes and 18 seconds long!

- The history of Star Wars games is vast, but there is a growing number of cancelled games being added to the list. ShackNews rounds up some of the known, and unknown, Star Wars game projects that were wiped out. One game I had been looking forward to was the following up to Republic Commando - Imperial Commando. It would have focused more on the clone army from Episodes 2 and 3, as part of a squad that followed the Jedi's orders while working for the Emperor on the side. It was even rumored that the squad you played would be one of the groups that received the Order 66 message. The game was cancelled before it could get off the ground, but ohhhhhh how cool it would have been! It's rare to have a game dive into the Empire canon of the Star Wars stories.

- If you're looking for savings today, there are quite a few retailers offering the movies and the games for special prices - some are extended through the weekend so you can have a Star Wars goulash! This includes mobile games and even the 14 game Star Wars collection.

- UK's The Mirror has a bunch of random Star Wars facts and tidbits that will keep you entertained today, as it's updating their feed hourly with new content. Such as how much it would cost to make your own lightsaber - a real working lightsaber with a day to day cost analysis. There are also secrets from the Star Wars Rebels season finale, Star Trek fans trolling us, and more.

- We all knew that with Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm that a portion of their theme park would be devoted to Star Wars. The California location has held an exhibit for years before the sale, but now Disney is in full construction mode at both the California and Florida destinations with a Star Wars "land."   Announced in a presentation last month, more details were released yesterday on what customers can expect. There will be at least 2 rides, one with the Millenium Falcon (because why not?) and the second one will have you in the middle of a battle. Along with cantinas, dinner clubs, stage shows, some old and new costumed characters, the works. They want to do something along the lines of the Harry Potter park at Universal Studios where they immerse the guests in the world of Star Wars. There is no date on when all of this will be ready but I wouldn't be surprised if they pushed for a 2017 opening to get as much money out of the public as they can. And I fully admit that I would want to be there too. Damn.

- Interested to know what Star Wars games are coming out in 2017? EA released their quarterly results along with projected outlooks for the upcoming months. Included are the DLC packs for Battlefront and some new VR games.

- Or if you're looking to stick to The Geek Spot for Star Wars stuff, go here. I have a lot of Star Wars posts on some random topics, from the insanity of universal translators to a review of The People vs. George Lucas.

May The 4th Be With You! And see you tomorrow for Revenge of the 5th!


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