Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mario Minecraft Hitting YouTube Wall

Nintendo is causing trouble for Minecraft YouTubers with the latest update to the Nintendo Wii-U version of the game. A few weeks ago there was the announcement that a Mario update would be added to the game for free to all Wii-U users. It added new skins and textures to turn your Minecraft world into Mario.

I had joked in that post that hopefully Nintendo may not ban people for their Mario creations. I spoke too soon.

While not a ban, YouTubers are getting the brunt of the Nintendo arm through copyright notifications from their uploads. According to Nintendo's Partners program, the Minecraft update would be exempt. For those who don't know, in order to show any type of Nintendo content on YouTube, you have to sign up for their program as well as YouTube's adshare services. This splits any portions of profits you may receive with not only YouTube, but Nintendo as well. Not many people like it because Nintendo takes a pretty big chunk out of the revenue.

Since this is Minecraft, and the promise was given by Nintendo and 4J Studios, the team behind the add-on, that the copyright rules would be exempt.

And that's not happening.

YouTube uploads are getting hit left and right for music violations - but most likely it's due to YouTube's Content ID system, which automatically detects images and sounds and videos and flags them if another user (Nintendo in this case) has already claimed the content.

Both Nintendo and 4J Studios are looking into the issue. Which may turn into a bigger challenge then what they expect, depending on how YouTube's Content ID system works. Oops.


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