Thursday, May 19, 2016

Nintendo and Miitomo Privacy Addressed

A few weeks ago Kotaku posted an article about the creepiness of Miitomo, Nintendo's first mobile game/app that allows users to create a Mii and interact with friends by asking random questions to learn more about each other. I still believe it's a silly app. Not quite addicting, but a good 10 minute time waster. The Kotaku article prompted questions on what Nintendo does with all of those answers. Are they selling the information to other companies? Seems plausable given that sometimes the questions that pop up are "What commercials have made the most impact on you?" and "What is your favorite movie?" Those can easily be sent off to marketing firms to tweak advertising messages.

Nintendo has responded to the data privacy concerns to reaffirm that they are not selling the information to anyone. They are using the responses to tweak and tailor content for Miitomo to fit what the majority of people want. Some of the Mii outfits and special Mii Drop events have been adjusted in the NA market to reflect the responses people have provided to questions.

And really, who the heck in marketing would care why I like ninjas? Ninjas are so 1990's. It's all about zombies, superheroes, and a pirate comeback these days.

If you're ever concerned about your data in Miitomo you can always pull up the agreement you signed by going to your account page within the app. Legally Nintendo has to inform consumers if they sell data. Otherwise they face not only lawsuits but hefty fines from the FCC. Their current agreement shows no indication that they do this, so you're in the clear. Most of the questions are pretty silly and meant to be ice breakers, so don't go 'big brother' on Miitomo.


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