Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Warcraft Movie Reviews Are Coming In...And It's Not Looking Good

Should any of us be surprised that the 'Warcraft' movie is not getting stellar reviews? Two weeks before release, and it's only scoring 33% on Rotten Tomatoes. At the time of this posting, only 6 critic reviews were listed, but that will change very soon. But other websites such as BGR, TechSpot, and a round up from GameSpot are all echoing the same thing: video game movies are not working out.

I'm interested in seeing 'Warcraft.' The team took it seriously and they wanted to produce something that was faithful to the franchise while still being entertaining for the masses. My concern was that it would be too serious, and Kotaku's movie review emphasizes this as an issue. The great thing about Warcraft through the books, the tabletop games, and video games, is that it has a story that is full of adventure, action, drama, AND humor. It doesn't always take itself seriously. World of Warcraft created a Panda race after an April Fool's joke took off.

It's okay to mix humor into a serious story. You have to give audiences breaks to breathe because too much action is too much (and this is true in any story-telling medium).

This is one of the reasons I have a strong attachment towards the 'Ace Attorney' film. It's a movie that has a serious story, with serious consequences, but it doesn't lose the charm or the absurdity of the Ace Attorney series. A parrot is a witness in a trial. Need I say more?

And 'Warcraft' appears to have gone the direction of so many movies before it, such as 'Driver' and 'Max Payne,' where they try too hard to tell a super intense story. It's more then what the audience wants. It also seems to suffer from having too many subplots, and that's a thing now. Why is this a thing? I hate that it's a thing. One or two smaller stories woven into the major plot, okay. I can handle that. But why have 5 mini stories going on at the same time that may or may not involve the main story? I'm here to watch a 2 hour movie, not deal with more plot lines then a season of Game of Thrones.

We'll see what happens...maybe fans of the games will like it? Maybe it'll bring new audiences in to show that gaming movies can be worthwhile. Or it may be another tragic tale of all flash and no substance.


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