Thursday, May 12, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

We are almost at Friday and the gaming world has been busy talking about Disney's unexpected news that it would be closing their Interactive studios. But what about the other stories on the internet? I'm here to help break through the noise and bring you some of the best, and worst, gaming stories of the week!

- GamingBolt has a list of 15 video game prequels that you have to play. Both in slideshow and video format! The video is unnecessarily long through, so don't watch that. Some of the hits on the list are KOTOR, Dues-Ex, FF7: Crisis Core, and Halo: Reach. I'm meh about the Halo entry. Reach was just okay. Interesting, but I think a lot of the issues that plague the game have to do with multiplayer, internet connections, and odd control schemes. At times the game becomes a challenge to play through when all you want to do is duck and shoot.

- The Toronto Sun has an article covering 2016's biggest video game battles. Given that it's only May 12 and we're not even close to hitting that half-way mark for the year, I'm wondering what kind of battles are they talking about? Apparently they mean between gaming companies and products: such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Because we have to make everything a competition, even in a free market. TLDR: Ignore this click bait. The last entry on the article if for the Wii-U and the Nintendo NX. Um...guy. I'm pretty sure Nintendo is not trying to compete with itself.

- A study was released that suggests kids take in more fruits and vegetables when they play video games will help their brain function, or something like that. I kind of glossed over it when they only tested it with 400 kids for a game that is on the level of Veggie Tales, that intentionally promotes healthier eating. And the kids didn't even play the game, at least if the article is correct. They "watched" the game. Watching and playing are 2 entirely different things. I'm taking the John Oliver approach to this 'scientific study.'

- The AssCreed movie trailer was released yesterday on the Jimmy Fallon show. 1.3 million views and growing! I ended up muting it when a Kanye West (gay fish) song appeared out of left field. And I'm not alone on my distaste for the song choice that cropped up. Comments such as "Why Kanye" and "Totally took me out of the trailer" are popping up below the video. At least the visuals are nice...unless Ubisoft manages to push fast on the release date and totally botch up some coding. Jokes aside, I am curious to see how the film plays out. It's taking a universe that is incredibly game-like and trying to stick it into a movie format. As long as there is no more Kanye (gay fish). That was awful.

- Thanks to Gamasutra for the link on Game Career with a "So you want to make games" job path. It's a nice little "how-to" in figuring out where you would fit best in a gaming company. With so many aspects to game creation, simply saying "I want to make a game" is not going to work. The mini guide gives an overview on where you might fit in the industry.

- It's not a Round Up until we have a WhatCulture list on the board. This week, it's 13 Video Games that prove that Superman is cursed in this realm. I'm not sure why the author felt they needed 13, other then to get more clicks. Because Superman 64 is all you need to say for definitive proof. It's #1 on their list so I don't know why the author would torture himself with trying to find another game. Spend 13 pages talking about the craphole that is Superman 64. Done!

- If you want to hate on life today, I give you a Arlington, Texas based pastor who calls men who play video games and the XBox sinners. stuff? The video is on Vimeo and it's password protected, which requires you to pay a subscription to view. But Opposing Views has an excerpt of the transcript and it's brutal. This pastor is very clearly has the 'men work, women at home' type of mentality that makes you wonder how these type of people still exist. He also made local news for his stance on the government shut-down and made some racist commits towards President Obama. For those wondering, I can assure you, as a female liberal gamer living in Texas, not everyone is like this. Most are pretty chill. Unfortunately we have a few of these people with very extreme views that make so much noise, everyone assumes all Texans are like this. They're not. Promise. We've got a really big gaming club here and we invite all to join. Including the ass-hat pastor who thinks all men who play XBox are sinners. Talk to the games who are doctors, lawyers, and business men who will be happy to put you in your place. :)

- Brisk Insights, an analysis and forecast group, believes that the sales of video games will top $118 billion dollars by 2022. Damn. That's a lot of money. They break down their study by studios, regions, even the market by device type. You have to have a license to read the results, but wow! Look at that table of contents! That's a lot of research.


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