Tuesday, June 07, 2016

AT&T Building an Anime and Gaming Streaming Service

That's not a typo. No need to do a double-take here. A report from Variety, via AT&T, states that the company will be launching a subscription bundle along with the Chernin Group. The aim is to offer a streaming service like Netflix and Amazon but catered to a younger demographic that is too old for Barney, but too young for House of Cards. These are the pre-teens that love video games and anime.

Working with Crunchyroll, the anime subscription service with 800 thousand paid users, the platform will have an a la carte model (does anyone else see the irony here? We can finally get a la carte but not with our cable) where members can pick the content they want and pay a monthly flat rate to access it. The system does not have a price point yet, and there are no details on what else is being offered, but it is expected to be separate from the standard AT&T cable fare by not being an add-on or a bundle package. It will be more in line with what Amazon offers to it's Prime members for streaming.

How will that affect video games? That's up in the air too since details are slim other then "this is a thing that's happening." More the likely it'll be similar to a GameFly model where you can download a game to your system or PC, and you have to log in to play. Once your time is up or you stop paying, you can no longer play.

More details will emerge in the coming months, but it's something both gamers and anime fans can look forward to.


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