Sunday, June 12, 2016

E3 Day -1 with EA Games and Bethesda

It's E3 week and EA Games along with Bethesda are doing a Day -1 to kick off the event.

Yeah...freekin Day -1. What's up with that? They are going live in about 2 minutes with their E3 Conference and I'll be live blogging this afternoon. You can view the event on Twitch as well. Enjoy!

All times will be posted in CST after the initial time stamp.

1pm EST/3pm CST: Jamming out to the music on the Twitch stream. It's like if someone merged a Vegas club with an elevator.

3:05pm CST: Stillll waiting. But what else is new with conferences? :D

3:07pm CST: Working on papercraft models for my next costume while I'm waiting. Square everywhere.

3:09pm CST: There we go. Starting now. A few of the front row seats are empty. Lame.

3:09pm CST: Awh. Sync fail. Stream sound is not keeping up with the video.

3:11pm CST: Of course the London stream is totally fine. California? Nope. U.S. internet fail.

3:13pm CST: Stream broke. Woo! Refresh it if you're on Twitch. Helps with the syncing issue.

Titanfall multiplayer is now up on the screen. If you care about Titanfall that is. Much more war-zone like then it's current iteration.

3:16pm CST: Single player will be available for Titanfall 2, confirming a leak from this morning, and if you want to beta test, they are taking requests now at the EA and Titanfall 2 website.

3:19pm CST: Madden.................stuffs. We all know how I feel about this. Though I will give it credit on being so realistic in graphics and game play that pro athletes in the NFL now use it as a training tool.

3:23pm CST:EA is adding a new line of competitive game play for Madden and their other sports game, so more people can feel like an eSports pro without being one. They are also bumping up the stakes to their EA Major game play, and they are starting this weekend with the Madden 16 finals.

3:24pm CST: And no one is in the audience is applauding the eSports gamers because we don't care about Madden. We want new games. Thanks.

3:26pm CST: Bioware time!

3:30pm CST: So here's the plot for Mass Effect: Andromeda. You are an N7 soldier sent out to the galaxy Andromeda to locate a new home for humanity. The game is very much focused on exploration and seeking. It looks like a very distant future from the original Mass Effect series, if it'll even tie in at all. There are clear images of Asari, Krogan, and the Citadel. Hopefully game ports are allowed as past choices affect the future (hell, the color you picked makes a difference, lol)

3:33pm CST: I got lost. They were talking about Play and supporting their current games, but I think the message was thrown out. There was also a $1 million donation suggestion for...what...I don't know. Confused.

3:35pm CST: Woah. This guy is way too into FIFA. This isn't the Academy Awards. It's an EA conference. Tone it down a bit.

3:38pm CST: Little bit of clarification now, finally: they are adding blank characters to FIFA that allow you to tailor their career and watch them through stories developed in the game. That's something different.

3:42pm CST: Footbul/Soccer fans. Your turn. Lots of FIFA talk. New game engine with the players. New ball engine. Lots of changes to make the game more like the real deal.

3:45pm CST: New program called EA Originals announced. The idea is to support small developers and partner with them to help with marketing and publishing with the EA title behind their name. A lot of this was inspired by Unravel. Now EA "claims" that they want to keep the profits with the original developer. I call bull since it's EA, so there you have it. :D

3:50pm CST: First EA Original game called Fe. You are a creature in a forest and must figure out who you are and where you are. Every creature communicates through music, and you learn songs to help you move forward. The game won't tell you where to go or what to do. You figure it out on your own. It sounds a lot like Journey. I like the idea behind it. Wish it had color beyond black and purple.

3:55pm CST: The Star Wars segment. Battlefront will have some levels from The Force Awakens. And there's a game to release in 2018...that's about it! Thanks guys for the lack of info. There's currently a "behind the scenes" video playing from the different EA studios working on the games but it's meh. Too kitschy, not enough info. "Like us because we make Star Wars stuff."

3:57pm CST: Again, people in the audience were not really applauding to that segment. lulz

3:57pm CST:Last game, Battlefield 1.

3:59pm CST: Wow. Storm just rolled through. If the blogging stops, I lost power. Yea Texas weather. O_O

4:00pm CST: EA will be streaming the game live after the press conference with 64 people so you can experience it before it's released. The game will allow you to take control over vehicles in a new way, including trains and the Zeppelin.

4:04pm CST: I love how the US audience seems to uninterested. XD It's amusing! Also, did EA use a Kayne West, gay fish, song? If so, fail. Massive fail. Did they not learn from the Assassin's Creed movie trailer?

4:08pm CST: Conference is over. Feelings are meh. Not bad, but not good. I echo the US audience and didn't really feel excited about anything. Maybe Bethedsa will take us up later this evening.


9:00pm CST: Just in time after a rousing episode of Game of Thrones. Can't wait to see what Bethesda has lined up this year!

9:15pm CST:Seems like the Bethesda panel is either taking forever to get going, or experiencing technical difficulties. But! if you go to their Twitch channel, Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler, former X-Play alumn are warming up the crowd. Thumbs up to these two instead of nameless celebs who could not care about games.

9:18pm CST: There we go. We're up and running now. First thing? Quake Champions.

9:22pm CST: When Id talks about game play for competitors, I believe them way more then EA. They make games that LAST, not a new game every year. QuakeCon. Case in point.

9:23pm CST: Ohhhhhh. I don't know what theater they are at, but Bethesda wins at the shiny room. So shiny! Screens are not just on the stage but spread out and overhead to cover a good chunk of the space. Very interactive and immersive.

9:28pm CST: Elder Scrolls card game is on the screen again. They mentioned this last year, but didn't have much detail until today. Looks much like Hearthstone but they mention it'll have a single player campaign - hopefully free and newbie friendly.

9:31pm CST: Fallout 4 and Shelter add-ons, including a new combat system for Shelter, a chance to build your own vault and test it on random NPC's in the area. And! book a trip to NukaCola Theme Park? It sounds hilarious and awesome. And immediately jumps into a remake of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for next gen consoles. Damn it's pretty.

9:34pm CST: And I'm saying that even with a really low video quality on the stream to try and get the stupid stuttering to stop!

9:37pm CST: New game: Prey. You are a subject of an experiment on a space station that is meant to improve humanity, but bad stuff happens and now you have to get out alive. It's a first person, psychological horror. Very strong visuals without being overly gory.

9:41pm CST: Haven't played the new Doom yet? This week, you can download the first level on any console the game is available for free. And if you have the game, with the exception of the Premium DLC coming out next month, all future multiplayer updates and editing tools are free.

9:42pm CST: One lady was SUPER happy about the Elder Scrolls: Online dev on the stage.

9:44pm CST: Jesus. People. Calm down. O_O It's just Elder Scrolls: Online. Get that woman away from the microphones. My goodness.

9:47pm CST: Okay, I think it's just like 5 people in that audience who really care about Online, and they are RIGHT BY THE MIC STANDS. Really annoying. Can someone move them, please?

9:48pm CST:So here's the update with ES: Online: New DLC coming to consoles and a new system called One Tameril - it allows people to group up with anyone of any levels and not be penalized for being a noob. You can level with friends and family no matter how big or small your level mark is. It's something other games have done for years, so it's not that new, but it's nice to see the trend is catching on.

9:52pm CST: VR is the hot trend. Fallout 4 is on the list. Cool and oogy.

9:54pm CST: Time for Dishonored 2. Moving to a new location, move distinct environment and textures. This is using a brand new game engine just for this title. Lighting and shadows play into the grit of the game.

9:56pm CST: The game engine also allowed them to create a more robust NPC system where you can watch one walk around the city all day as they live their lives. Really cool.

10:01pm CST: Second game is a true sequel to the first, about 15 years after. Currently playing a demo and the game feels so much more in depth compared to the first.

10:12pm CST: Lots of game play to cover! So new powers to play with, more interaction with the environment to determine your stealth, as well as how and when you want to strike. Strong first person perspective with the game. Great landscapes. There will be a collector's edition, so get it fast.

10:16pm CST: And that's it from Bethesda! If you stick around on their Twitch stream, Adam and Morgan will take over for QA's with the developers. Not a bad round up of content in the upcoming year.

That's it from me tonight. Signing out!


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