Thursday, June 09, 2016

More Gaming Shows on YouTube Red with MatPat

I'm still trying to calm down from this week. Because my butt is going to PAX West (formerly called PAX Prime) this Fall and I'm freekin' stoked. I've been wanting to go for years, but just like any big name convention of that popularity, it's near impossible to get tickets. But my years of Final Fantasy XI NM camping have paid off. I'm in. Success!

But there is other gaming news to get to. I'll just go over here and continue to do my happy dance in the corner of the room.

If you're looking for something new to watch on YouTube Red, the subscription based service for original programming, Matthew Patrick's first official series 'MatPat's Game Lab' premiered last night. MatPat has been on YouTube since 2010, and his take on the gaming world is to look at the science behind video games. It's Mythbusters ingenuity and charm with a gaming twist. One of his first videos analyzed the infamous "barrel roll" from Star Fox. Over the years, as the ideas got bigger, so did the budget. A budget that he did not have, and even with ad revenue and sponsored videos for Rainbow Six: Siege, it always put a stop on the big science questions he wanted to explore.

That's where YouTube Red comes in. Now with the budget, MatPat can go crazy with the ideas.

He filmed 8 episodes for the series in about 4 weeks (which is nutty on any production scale), brought in cameos from other YouTube gaming talent, and will have a variety of science-things to cover. Such as if the ball in Rocket League can actually be propelled by a race car. Or the sneaking in Metal Gear Solid and the dare-devil tricks in Mirror's Edge can be replicated in reality. You can watch the first episode for free without purchasing a subscription, and it tackles the Mirror's Edge inquiries first. MatPat goes through training, gets experts involved, and throws down the numbers on how the game and reality compare. Though I do wish there was more science, less of MatPat falling down.

The series will also introduce a 360 camera experience for additional content to subscribers.

Looks like it'll be fun to watch, and they're in 20-30 minute bite-sized pieces, so easy to run through.

There's also an episode on Ostrich Racing. You know you want to watch that.


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