Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Nintendo E3 is Always Different

Once again, Nintendo did not follow the trends by holding a theater full of industry professionals to talk about upcoming releases. Instead it was all live streamed from their booth on the E3 floor. No large audiences. No applause when games appeared on the screen. Just Reggie, Miyamoto, and a lot of Zelda talk.

So of course Nintendo starts with the upcoming Legend of Zelda, with a more open-world aspect and voiced characters. Because that's a thing that's really rare with Nintendo products. Nintendo is so in love with this game, after their main conference, their stream for the day was pretty much devote to Zelda. It's Zelda everywhere!

And then it followed up with live game play of the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon. About 40 minutes were devoted to the changes in the combat system and what the new starter Pokemon have to offer.

That's it.

That's their entire E3 conference. Nintendo is going to do a daily showing of stuff and their line-up primaries were Zelda and Pokemon. Nothing about their secret console. Nothing new to show off, other then game play for content we know will release in the near future. That's all folks! That's your Nintendo E3 experience in a nutshell! I've just saved you 8 hours of video time.

If you are really big into Zelda, having an 8 hour stream devoted to one of the levels in the game and showing off all the new things you can do is fine. But for the rest of us, we got bored 15 minutes in. On the flip side, it's nice to see what industry peeps get to experience at the Nintendo booth.  So there's that...I'm not wowed. Between the other dev conferences, Sony wins once again. Hands down.

In other E3 news, Final Fantasy XV VR is terrible. Just as I expected it to be. It didn't look all that great in the Sony conference, so I'm not surprised that it's as bad on the show floor.

And in the new God of War your kid comes with his own button. The relationship between Kratos and his son is essential to the game play and story, according to the developers, and they wanted to emphasize that with the control scheme by devoting a button to interact with him. Press X to Jason.


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