Thursday, June 02, 2016

The Division...Getting a Movie and Already Has Lead Actor Casted

Get ready for another video game movie going into production. This time it will be Tom Clancy hitting the screen with a video game adaptation of The Division. The Jack Ryan movie series has been a hit with audiences for decades, so another Tom Clancy movie seems like a safe bet.

Variety has reported that Jake Gyllenhaal will be staring and producing the film, and it will be the third Ubisoft film to attempt to take over the silver screen. The search for a writer and a director is currently underway.

In all fairness, the Prince of Persia movie was passable. There were a number of edits from the game and the time stop sections were a bit awkward, but from a story standpoint, it was an entertaining film. And ostrich racing. Because it needed to be a thing. And the movie did well enough in the box office to make a profit.

What Gyllenhaal's role will be in the film is hard to say for certain. It may be more loosely based on the game then a direct adaptation since the story is fairly open ended. In the game, you act as a special ops personnel attempting to enforce the law in a city that has suffered from a viral outbreak. The premise is from a scenario outlined by Homeland Security. The game sold incredibly well upon release, at $330 million dollars, and has a loyal player base. We'll see where this movie idea goes.


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