Monday, June 06, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up!

You may see a double dose of the round up, since last week I was taken away from blogging for a few days to attend a convention. I'm back and ready to showcase some of the most entertaining gaming news on the internet...this week.

- The French Minister of Digital Affairs is looking at ways to combat sexism in gaming. They are looking into providing credits and funding to companies that create games where women are empowered, or promote positive images of women. Even after legislation last year in France against the gaming industry on this matter was struck down, Axelle Lemaire is combating it with the new incentive program. What that means for future games? I don't know. It's a nice thought, but asking an artist or developer to change their image for some extra money is not kosher in my book.

- E3 is next week. More importantly, Ubisoft will return with another preview of an upcoming game, and YouTube user CrowbCat wants to remind everyone that the visions of an Ubisoft E3 never match reality. He has released a video, currently over a million views, comparing a few finished Ubisoft games with their E3 counterpart. Some of the side by sides are so different, it's a wonder that they are even the same game at times. Here's the deal: What you see from Ubisoft at E3 is a playable demo that does use their game engine, but only a small snippet of the game itself. When they implement it into the full version, there is a downgrade in graphics, lighting, dust particles, sound, and voice quality so the engine can render everything at a faster pace. Can the engine render the high quality stuff? Yep. But Ubisoft opts to not do this in favor of speed. Is it right for Ubisoft to do this? No. But they're not the only one. The practice needs to stop and I'm glad that someone is putting them to task to ask the question on why they can't deliver on the quality they promise.

- Overwatch is reigning supreme on social media, and Blizzard has joined Facebook to integrate their live view system into the game itself. Soon you'll be able to play your matches while streaming them to Facebook, including the mobile versions. And that means more posts I get to hide. Yea.

- A ZAM article asks what has happened to all of the T rated games? Well...they're still there. The Sims is riding high on it's successful franchise after all these years. You have to look a tiny bit more for them. There are more E10+ and M games, based on the ESRB's recent findings, but it's not impossible to find. Most retailer websites allow you to narrow down you searches by game ratings. And there is some great content out there. Ratchet & Clank, Guided Fate: Paradox, and Dragon's Crown. It's not as though all of the T games vanished.


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