Friday, June 10, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

Version Two! Since I deprived you all of a round up last week, you're getting a double dose this time. Rejoice, for The Geek Spot has risen! Let's see what's up with gaming news over the past few days:

- is already calling an end to the era of video game movies, citing that 'Warcraft' was our only hope. Melodramatics aside, if you were putting all your hopes on the 'Warcraft' movie being the best thing since sliced bread, you need to take a chill pill. The reviews several weeks ago were not looking good, and even the Rotten Tomato meter has dropped to 24%. But! the general public reviews are sitting at 80%. That's pretty nice, all things considered. It may not be word for word like Warcraft (the lack of puns and overbearing shoulder armor are downers for me) but it's resonating with audiences in some way. May not be the best game to movie adaptation, but don't give up hope yet! There's still 'Assassin's Creed,' as long as they remove the Kanye West, gay fish, music out of it.

- Not to be outdone, the U.K. MP's want to look at the issue of sexism in gaming, and consider measures to restrict release of games that promote violence against women and offer incentives to developers that promote female-centric games. They are also considering looking at a special rating system for sexual content and violence separate from the ESRB. We'll be watching this story as it unfolds.

- Apparently video games are becoming viable tools for training pro athletes. Not eSports, but football, basketball, and the like. The New York Daily News followed football player Bryce Petty through a training regimen with Madden in an effort to up his knowledge on the game and see plays as they happen, instead of on a white board in a locker room. With how much games like Madden and NBA2K have advanced over the years to include all of the nuances of the real-world sports, they are becoming important to athletic training. Not physically, but mentally. You better believe EA will use that as a marketing tactic.

- A site called We Got This Covered, already has a list of 6 of the most disappointing games this year. It's only 6 months into the year, guys. Can we at least wait until November and give the other games a chance to one-up those titles? Their list includes Homefront: The Revolution, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, and Tom Clancy's: The Division. It's only June. There will be worse later on this year. That's a guarantee.

- E3 is next week! With most of the announcements still under wraps, International Business Times has a summary of the rumors that we may see on the show floor this year.

- If you're looking to start a debate, a Vice opinion piece argues that 2002 was one of the best years in video games. While I appreciate the writer's perspective, I don't feel like the games mentioned really own up to the title of "best ever." Aside form GTA, they didn't redefine the console era or push the industry forward to start new trends. They were good games, but not the Earth-shattering moments that we would expect for a "best year."

- The Cheat Sheet pokes fun at video games with horrible voice acting. Though I wish everyone would stop making fun if Final Fantasy X and the laughing scene. Gamers. You do realize that the whole point of that scene was for Tidus to get Yuna to smile by acting ridiculous? So many people focus on the laughing portion, that they ignore the dialogue that occurs after where Tidus and Yuna laugh naturally. It was meant to be over-exaggerated, if you just listened to the damn story. So stop railroading against FFX, and let's get back to the Jill Sandwich comment from Resident Evil. Yeash!

- Tech Insider was able to confirm that PR rep for Call of Duty leaked a video of Kit Harington and a motion capture day for the next CoD game. If you don't know the actor's name, you probably have seen him as Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. So, this is what you get to look forward to, CoD fans. Enjoy.

- And finally, a laughable article from Twinfinite covering 6 game series that will end this year. Maybe. For certain the Disney Infinity line is done. Disney Interactive will close it's doors after the last line of toys are released. And while The Witcher 3's DLC content is completed, it's not going to stop the franchise. More then likely there is a game 4 in the works. And no more Uncharted? Given the outcry of fan love, there's probably another adventure to be had. You got to love how people over-exaggerate these things.


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