Friday, June 17, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

Awhhhhh snap. It's time for the Weekly Link Round Up! And you know with this week it's going to be a fun one. All of the E3 news one could ever want...probably not here. I did my best to find some of the other gaming news hitting up the internet this week to give you a cornucopia of madness. Here is today's menu:

- The Seattle Times has a continuation of a discussion this week about gaming violence and the E3 presentations that hit the floor in the wake of the Orlando shootings. But it's not about bashing games, but looking at how this immediate need to find blame can detract from other causes to violence and aggression that have been studied more in depth (and have produced more valid results then the violent gaming debate). It's a start...but I still feel that the developers and companies did their best at E3 this week to pay respect to victims. Asking them to completely overhaul their presentations within hours before going live is insane. They did what they could and they did it appropriately. Let's leave it at that.

- There's an interesting art exhibit taking place in New York City called 'The Mystical Digital.' It's a space that invites everyone to come in and create their own video game, encouraging people to draw, design, write stories, or do whatever they please. The hope is to get people to open up their eyes, and minds, to the endless possibilities to the gaming world. And maybe we'll get some new people into the industry. The exhibit ends this evening so if you're in the area, see it fast.

- Prosthesis have been taking a leap forward with 3D printing, and now with the help of video games, designing them has become much easier. If you've seen the biotic arm from Dues Ex, some of the artist worked with a team of engineers and doctors to create a living replica that looks too good to be true. Science! And Gaming! Cool stuff!

- Video games may be the future of South Park? With a release date announced at the Ubisoft panel this year at E3, South Park creators Parker and Stone were on hand to talk about the game and the future of the TV series. The show is about to hit it's 20th season, a rarity for any TV series, and there's been speculation that the duo may be ending South Park after their latest contract runs out. Given the success of The Stick of Truth, could video games be where South Park changes direction? Parker and Stone didn't give much detail and said it's always a possibility. While talking about making a squeal to Stick they threw around the idea of making another movie. With South Park, whatever happens, happens.

- A father and son team recently won a $1.4 million dollar grant from the California Energy Commission to create a system for measuring energy use from video games. Not physical energy, but the electrons powering up your devices so you can game. California estimates that 5% of household energy use is going towards gaming (and may not include the power behind TV's, computers, and routers). They are looking to curb the rise in energy use for gaming rigs and emphasize the benefits of cooling them down, other then to help keep your machine from going kaput. This is a very lengthy, science article but a great read for today.

- Skylanders is coming to Netflix? That's the latest rumor, and until I see promotional artwork on the Netflix site confirming it, I'm not believing anything. Given the run-around of April Fools stories with Judge Dread and Legend of Zelda, it's understandable. So take this however you wish; the animated series is said to run for one season of 13 episodes. It's not meant to promote the game, but it's going to promote the game.

- International Business Times has an interesting look on how shows like E3 and the exhibit hall setting don't sell video games the best way. The hours of waiting in line to play a 3-10 minute demo, people crowding around to see the screens and watch you play, the loud music and battle cries from the booth next door drowning out the sound in your headphones so you can't even hear what's going on in the game you are playing - is this really how you want to remember your time in the booth? It's an interesting take on the E3 experience, and something I'm going to keep in mind when I travel to PAX Prime/West later this year.

- The new Batman game from Telltale Games is going to be all about Bruce! While there will be fighting crime in the black bat cape, Telltale wants the gamer to dive more into Bruce. Who he is. How does he think. Why does he still don the suit after all this time. The philosophical questions that we tend to pull from comic books, but not so much in movies. I approve of the direction!

- And after many weeks of being absent, WhatCulture has returned with a list of 10 games that only exist because of nostalgia. Because it's hip to be all about the 80's. Somehow The Evil Within is 80's because it's Resident Evil and Silent Hill mashed up into one? I'm not buying that argument, how about you? This list is a weird combo of remastered and re-released games mixed with new games that were inspired by other games, culminating in Broken Age which is not a nostalgia driven product. It's a game developed by Double Fine Productions. That might be the "old-school" feel of it? I don't know. Dumb list, but laugh at it's sillyness. That's why I'm posting it today!


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