Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Amazon Prime Day v.2.0 for Gamers

It's Amazon Prime Day, once again. Last year, many of us remembered it for being really crappy on the sales. Ridiculously so. How about that 10 cent savings on a PS4? But Amazon released the numbers, and their sales were bigger then Black Friday for the site. While social media ripped them apart for the lame deals, Amazon was prepping to run Prime Day once more.

So what's on the docket this year? Hopefully not 30 gallons of lube. Luckily, a few sites have compiled some of the gaming deals that have cropped up so far, and more will appear throughout the day.

-GameRant has a listing of console bundles where you can save up to $140 for some. And Amazon Fire TV starts as low as $69.99. Not bad.

- PC World has a few games that are worth mention. Doom and the latest Mirror's Edge can be purchased for under $49. And if you haven't played Saint's Row IV, it's only $3.75 today. Nice.

- Tech Radar lists out multiple gadgets that might peak your interest, including 25% off on select Android phones, and GoPro bundles.

- For our UK friends, Gizmodo has you covered, and they will be updating their site all day to include the flash and goldbox deals that are limited time offers.

As for me, nothing is really standing out. But if you haven't picked up some of last year's hits the deals might be worth the investment. The Witcher 3 is selling for $29.99 on PS4 (for the next 29 minutes at least). That's about on par with a Steam sale. Just Cause 3 is up for $24.99. And the Turtle Beach X12 headset is on sale for $34.99. That is one headset I would recommend. Excellent sound quality and great microphone output. The keyboards? Eh. I'm seeing some at 15% off. Big whoop. I'll go to Fry's instead.

That's all that's caught my attention so far. Maybe some better deals will crop up throughout the day?

But if you need a reason to sign up for Prime, because this is a Prime Members offer only, any pre-orders or new games (within 2 weeks of release) you'll receive a 20% savings by ordering through Amazon. I have a couple of games on my list for the fall and winter release cycle that made my Prime membership worth it. There's always a silver lining.


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