Friday, July 22, 2016

Another Week of Pokemon Go!

Another week of Pokémon Go, which means a bevy of news stories to showcase the popularity of the game. And some of them are doing some really stupid things to catch these digital creatures. Talking about the craze this week, a number of us have come to the same conclusion: the people getting into accidents would have done it eventually in some other way. Pokémon Go happens to be the easiest thing to blame. Very true. I've seen people walk out into traffic while talking on their phones, oblivious to the world around them. This was long before the app's release. People who don't care will do stupid things. Simple as that.

So here's another friendly reminder to those of you playing Pokémon Go:

- Turn off the sound and use the vibrate feature on the app. The phone will let you know when there's a Pokémon near by so you don't have to bury your face into the screen while you walk. This allows you to be more aware of your surroundings!

- Check both ways before crossing a street to ensure there is no oncoming traffic. You learned this in Kindergarten. We shouldn't have to repeat it.

- DO NOT PLAY WHILE DRIVING. Put down you damn phone and focus on the road.

- DO NOT PLAY ON PRIVATE PROPERTY. That means homes, parking garages, cemeteries, office complexes - any place that is not public and requires you to go through, or over, fences, means you are not meant to be there.

I know most of us understand the laws of the land, but some people seem to forget. The game is enjoyable and exciting. But don't let that overwhelm your senses and pay attention.

Here are some of the stories of the week for the popular app:

- Go is finally in Japan! It released with it's first advertised content from McDonald's. And the drastic growth has seen Nintendo's stock rise to over $35 billion. That's more then Yahoo. The advertising deal with McDonald's has created 2,000 PokeStops and a handful of gyms at their restaurants.

- And not to be left behind by the other countries, a number of people in Japan are finding creative ways to level up and crack open eggs.

- A US user has already claimed the title of PokeMaster, until they add more monsters into the game. Walking 153 kilometeres, he has managed to capture all available Pokémon. Barely took 2 weeks. Madness.

- Wednesday was the largest Pokémon gathering to date in San Fransisco. Over 9,000 people signed up for a Facebook event of a PokeWalk - which is walking around a park or a city with a group of people to catch pocket monsters. The event had over 21k people interested, and drew in a massive crowd. Even as the servers went down before the event, people arrived and experienced the controlled chaos.

- Director Oliver Stone, currently at SDCC promoting a new film, isn't a fan of the app. Like several others posting memes and concerns online, he believes the game is nothing more then a large-scale data mining project meant for harm, rather then good. Think what you will of it, but we know the risks when we download the game to our phones.

- In other world news, Saudi Arabia's 15 year old decree on banning all things Pokémon is still an issue. While there has been no official ruling on how to handle Go, it is unavailable in the country (even though some people are playing it illegally). The religious force in Saudi Arabia cites that Pokémon could create havoc for supporting evolution and polytheism.

- In other world news, people are dicks. Some people are using the new craze to play pranks, and suggest violence against those playing the game. One man even called it a "Purge" on his Facebook page, and he was reported to authorities for making terrorist threats. People...don't. Please. Just don't. There's so much bad crap happening in the world. Let us have our silly game, okay? You get your sports and movies. This is what we have. Let it be.

- Wired has an interesting article looking into how Pokémon Go isn't a solution to Nintendo's financial problems, but a symptom of them. For a company that has been stead-fast against mobile games, why this sudden change?

- And finally, here are 8 random stories about Go players that may or may not be true...but they're funny and reemphasize the need for people to PAY THE F ATTENTION!


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