Thursday, July 14, 2016

Former Ubisoft Motion Pictures CEO - Game Movies Can Win an Oscar

Hopefully some of you enjoyed my writing overlord article yesterday. I needed to type that out of my system. Badly. Back to gaming!

GameSpot recently spoke to Julien Baronnet, former CEO of Ubisoft Motion Pictures who quit to start his own company, Marla Studios. The new venture will focus on video game movies, which after one film and negotiating contracts for 4 others, Baronnet feels like he's an expert now. So much so, that he believes a video game movie will one day win an Oscar.

Yep. You read that correctly. A video game movie winning an Academy Award. Will that happen in our lifetime?

Baronnet has had a peek at video game movie adaptations over the past few months and believe it will. "The creative angle, the production design, the artistic choices, the originality. Yes, definitely I think that maybe one video game movie can win an Oscar...if it's properly done."

Always a catch, isn't there? And knowing the Oscars, it'll be for something like special effects or costume design, not necessarily for acting, directing, or screenplay. The "noble" awards, as they call it.

Look. We get it. Video game movies have a bad rap. As gamers and non watch these filmes, we are criticizing the story, the casting, or the lack of connection to the games.  Even the latest Warcraft tanked here in the states, but did incredibly well overseas so there will probably be a sequel in the works. One day, there will be a good one that breaks the barrier and allows the public to see that yes, it can be done! But we aren't there quite yet. Maybe Assassin's Creed will break that barrier? With the exception of the Kanye West, gay fish, song, the trailer looked promising. But is it good enough to earn an Oscar? That's debatable.

Baronnet believes there are 3 things necessary to make a good game adaptation to the silver screen. Number 2 and 3 make a lot of sense, and those are the game developers having creative control over the script to prevent movie studios from changing them, and that said developers are actively involved throughout the entire process. Having their stamp of approval on a film is likely to produce a better product. Baronnet's first point is meh. 'The right creative choices must be made.' Well, heck! That's like shooting fish in a barrel! Sarcasm aside, it take a lot to develop a great film. There is no way to know if the "right choices" have been made until you plop the final product in theaters. It's an ambiguous statement.

Before leaving Ubisoft, Baronnet worked out deals to have games such as Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, Watch Dogs, and Rabbids to be on the movie block. Though I cringe knowing that Michael Bay will be working on the Ghost Recon movie. There goes that Oscar nomination.


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