Monday, July 18, 2016

Playing Games with Cats

Lots of crappy things are happening in the world today. So let's keep today's post lighthearted and talk about cats! Specifically, cats that play video games and questioning how someone managed to get a research grant out of it.

RMIT University, located in Melbourne, started their research three years ago to look into the everyday gaming habits of Australians. From there it grew to include their pets, cats in particular, taking interest in playing the same electronic devices as their owners. Gizmodo Australia spoke with Professor Larissa Hjorth, who leads the study.

“When we started, we were not expecting to find anyone other than humans playing games but it seems their animals are joining in with them as well."

Apps for pets is not a new phenomenon. Apple and Google have categories specifically for cats and dogs with games that can stimulate their brains, and paws. By researching how and why cats play with iPads, Hjorth believes it correlates to how we, as humans, play games with each other. All of this leads up to an exhibition called the Art of Play, going on now through September 6th, that dives deeper in to the minds of cats and their pet owners.

Seriously I couldn't get a grant revolving around interactive digital media, but someone was able to continue their study on cats playing games? Weird world we live in.


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