Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

The Weekly Link Round Up is a bit early this round, as I've found a lot of random news articles on the internet today and it was difficult to pick just one to focus on. So why not a little bit from each? Here's a listing of the best, and worst, gaming news on the internet:

- GameSpew has a list of the top 10 funniest video game cheats. I'm thankful that they focused mostly on pre-2000 games when cheats were icing on top of the cake. Not modded pieces that you had to build and implement to get better armor. These were cheats that were meant to delight as well as annoy. Such as the DK/big head cheat in GoldenEye. Or Washing Machine Banjo in Banjo-Kazooie. Game options that are utterly silly, and all the more brilliant!

- A study recently released from Indiana University claims that female characters in games are becoming less sexualized. I'm calling BS on that, but let's see what the study says. The researches focused on 571 games from 1983 to 2014 where there were playable female characters. Games such as Grand Theft Auto were not included since you can't play as a female avatar. While it does limit the amount of what we can pull from the study (because NPC's are just as important as heroes in how they are portrayed), one thing to note is that heroines are becoming less sexualized. Whether it's in their actions, their clothing, or their dialogue, they are not pandering as much to the male gaze as they use to. However, the field for female heroes is stagnant. The study finds that there hasn't been any growth in female leads for games since 1998. This year's E3 showcased games is a prime example.

- Looking for some new games that are quick to love? The Telegraph has compiled a list of 15 games that you may have missed this year! In all fairness, a lot of the games they have down only released in the past month. One was JUST YESTERDAY! At least give us a week to let the buzz build up before we play. Yeash! Having said that...solid list. I recommend Inside, from the creators of Limbo, and The Flame in the Flood.

- If you're one of the lucky people heading to San Diego Comic Con, Discover San has a couple of gaming booths you should hit up while you're there. And expect Pokemon Go to be impossible to access. They are set to release it in Japan today. God help us all.

- Like the Olympics? Who doesn't! ACMI is set to celebrate the history of the Olympics with 'Retrolympiad.' Starting this Saturday, ACMI will transform its Melbourne gallery into an arcade, with games, music and, visual art that blends Olympic fever with retro style.

- A press release from late yesterday confirms that Ubisoft will release UNO for PS4, XBox One, and PC on August 9th. Somehow this is news. I'm not sure how, but there you go.

- Pokemon craze is still sweeping the world. And some countries are already taking precaution, such as Indonesia. The presidential palace is a Pokemon free zone. Security officials were concerned that the game could be used to highlight and/or photograph areas of the palace or documents, and be shared with unknown sources. It's best to assume that if you're not in a public space, you shouldn't be playing Pokemon Go. Let's leave it at that.

- Oh, hi there WhatCulture. Do you have a list this week that won't make us depressed? This time they present us with 10 beloved video games that have crappy openings. This is one of the few times where I'll have to agree with the slow pacing of Red Dead Redemption and Uncharted 4. While both help set up the story and setting, they can be tough to swallow when you want to get into the meat of the game right off the bat. I'm still not convinced on their argument for Metal Gear Solid 4. It's like they never played an MGS game. Kojima is all about the exposition, so don't whine about it. This list gets a 30% on the like scale. Keep trying WhatCulture. You'll win back favor eventually.

- It looks like someone is trying to revitalize the NCAA football series. After a lengthy legal battle, the NCAA and EA Games have terminated the contract that the games have been out of development for a few years now. But a number of fans, including current NCAA football players, want the games back. iMackulate Vision Gaming is looking to make that happen. How? That's up in the air at the moment. The project is still very much in it's infancy, and they will have a ton of legal proceedings to wade through before they can even consider beginning to code. While EA may no longer produce the games, they still own the rights to NCAA football. 

- Finally, Games Radar takes a brutally honest look at how difficult it is to be funny, especially in video games. Like a movie, the jokes and prat falls are pre-planned. You can't edit on the fly, and hope that your crack sticks with the audience. You have to factor in the story, timing, and pacing to get a joke to land. Fun read and well thought-out, Games Radar. Thanks for rounding up my links for the week with this gem.


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